New Meaning

Frnd (who is also a blogger): Macha, see u da.. what plans now?

Me: Nothing da, chumma only.. probably write a blog entry.. vetti only..

Frnd: Scene...

Me: Why do you think we blog da? Out of vettiness only right? Height of joblessness

Frnd: Appadi ella paka kudadhu da.. its literary mastrubation.. avalo daan...

I rest my case

There's Nothing We Can Do But Keep On Learning

I frequent the TV very rarely due to the dearth of quality channels thanks to the introduction of the Conditional Access System in 2003. Yea, 5 years and hardly any TV.. the number of blogs over here proves the point too doesn't it? But anyway, late one night I decided to test my tolerance to boredom and switched on the TV.

Randomly I found this --->

Lok Sabha TV. They were doing a documentary on Quacks in the country, and it was actually pretty damn good. They were exposing Quacks, Police Officers and even various 'Quack-crack-down' dept heads. With practical advice on how to identify Quacks and test if the medicines they prescribeare genuine or fake, it was a really brilliant documentary- something all people even remotely Indian ought to know. For once I learnt something.

And then there was this--->

The Big Brother of all Indian News Channels. They were doing a story about a poor innocent girl's murder (i.e Arushi) followed by what Madonna had to say about some random paparazzi...

News I can use?? Hell No!!

Oh, n hiring hot chicks as newscasters to increase TRP's of a channel.. good idea btw :|

1,2,3 Click

3 seconds, yes that's how long it takes the average human to decide whether they want to read a piece of literature or not. When you look at a piece of writing, like this blog entry for example, what did you first see? I guess it would be the picture of the lazy cat that has put down its book for the sake of lazing/sleeping/watching TV or god knows what. Now that must've taken you about 1.5 seconds to process. So I got 1.5 more seconds to make you commit the next few minutes to read the article. Well, that's where the layout and colour combo of the entry and blog come into play really. The nature of the background ought to hopefully cut down the remaining time by 0.5 seconds, so I got 1 more second to convince you. And for that, I have the entry itself. Damn, I couldn't beat you.. damn.. but if you are reading this.. guess I did!!!