Trance Music

I've always loved Electronic Music, but trance well, not so much.. till I found this site! Now somehow I want to get through this entire list of sub-generes:
Note: \m/ implies previous affiliations. Yea metalheads, I'm borrowing 'your' symbol.
Vocal Trance
Tech House
PsyChill \m/
Chillout Dreams \m/
Club Sounds
Electro House
Soulful House
Classic EuroDance
Chillout \m/
Lounge \m/
Disco House
Classic Trance
Ambient \m/ \m/
Goa-Psy Trance \m/ \m/ \m/
Drum 'n' Bass
Hard Core
Exposure NYC
Funky House
Tribal House
Hard Dance
Space Music \m/
DJ Mixes
Oldschool Electronica
Future Synthpop \m/
It wasn't too long back that I thought that all trance/disco music only went 'ub chick ub chick ub chick'

U2 - Stand Up Comedy: Line By Line Walk-Through

'Stand Up Comedy' is the 7th track(listen) of U2's No Line On The Horizon. It wasn't a single, it isn't on anybody's favourites list nor is it a critically appreciated song. But it sort of summarizes a whole amalgam of ideas in one sweet place. I'll try to break it down.

Most Importantly-
1. I could be wrong. I might be seeing too much into it.
2. I don't care, because I'm having fun
3. I'll try not to look at the song from Bono's point of view, rather, try to adopt a more generalist view

So, lets begin...

Love love love love love
Love love love love love
[Bono being Bono]

I got to stand up and take a step
You and I have been asleep for hours
[The need to wake up and stop living life like a dream]
I got to stand up
The wire is stretched in between our two towers
[People are like towers with only a thin connection akin to a wire between them]
Stand up in this dizzy world
[Fast paced life, computers, smart phones and every other shenanigan you can think of]
Where a lovesick eye can steal the view
[A greedy person can get everyone's attention-by any means. Hence the use of negative words]
I'm gonna fall down if I can't stand up
For your love
[The idea that standing up for something or someone is what will get one through life]

Love love love love love
[Bono being Bono]

Stand up, this is comedy
The DNA lottery may have left you smart
[Humans have just got lucky to be blessed with a brain. There's a necessity to use it wisely]
But can you stand up to beauty, dictator of the heart
[Probably the best line by Bono-Ever. More on this in another post]
I can stand up for hope, faith, love
[Stuff worth standing up for]
But while I'm getting over certainty
Stop helping God across the road like a little old lady
[Again a brilliant line by Bono. Using the anti-metaphor of an Old Lady for organised religion. The line is a warning not to fall for false prophets and ideologies while on the path to excepting the impermanence of life i.e. dealing with changes or difficulties]

Out from under your beds
C'mon ye people
Stand up for your love
[Exhortation! Lol]
Love love love love love
[Bono being Bono]

I gotta stand up to ego but my ego's not really the enemy
It's like a small child crossing an eight lane highway
On a voyage of discovery
[The understanding that ego shouldn't take up as much 'space' as it always does. Also, the idea that the 'I' is more a changing, fluid entity which gets moulded along the journey. To have a strong ego and suffering as a cause being stuck ought not to bog one down]

Stand up to rock stars, Napolean is in high heels
Josephine, be careful of small men with big ideas
[rock stars = Bono. Napolean=Bono. Josephine=Groupies??? Or maybe you and me. Bono is probably trying to be self-deprecating here. The high heels refer to being taller than what one really is!]

Out from under your beds
C'mon ye people
Stand up for your love
[More Exhortations!]
Love love love love love
[Bono being Bono]

God is love
And love is evolution's very best day
[God is love. No comments because I don't understand it completely. The second line would probably derive from the above that God can be achieved a.k.a evolution in this case by following the path of 'Love' - probably universal Love, but hey it might just be a scam]

Soul rockin' people moving on
Soul rockin' people on and on
C'mon ye people
We're made of stars
[Literal or metaphorical? Your guess is as good as mine. Might also mean the permeation of pop culture into people's psyches where individuals lose their individuality replacing their originality with socially acceptable personalities and thought patterns]
C'mon ye people
Stand up then sit down for your love
[Odd line. Probably having to do with jumping about in a concert. Or, maybe the foresight to know when to 'stand up' for something and when to 'sit down'('let go')]

Love love love love love
Love love love love love
[Bono being Bono]

There, I'm a fanboy now :\

As an afterthought, this is a really interesting article about The Edge's guitar effect which a good friend passed along.

Peace _/\_

Which Means

.. which means X>Y
.. which means that the world will end according to you
.. which means Y>=X as the walls aren't crumbling nor is the earth cracking
.. which means you're wrong
.. which means I've solved the problem

My mind keeps chattering ".. which means..." a lot these days after House marathons

Prithviraj Chavan & I

Prithviraj Chavan is the new Chief Minister of the state of Maharashtra. So what you ask?
Well, he is an alumni of my college which is an odd thing because politicians don't usually come from an engineering (or even educated?) background, but thats not the point here, or should it be?

Not so strangely thats what most people's chatter/gossip/status messages seemed to be saying:

"Proud to be a BITSian!"
"Another alumni to be proud off!" etc etc

Mine simply said "boom boom" (Diwali hangover) because I fail to comprehend how stealing somebody else's success would make me magically better (yes, I get the part about human beings being social beings and all that but I haven't even met the guy, hell, I didn't even know who he was till the news came out!) or help me climb the social ladder. Or could it just be that all those other people had nothing more important going on in their lives making them to live somebody else's even though its a lie?

Maybe I'm egotistical or a tad bit insensitive but at least I don't have my head up in the clouds. Prithviraj Chavan sure must be a great man and there probably could be a thing or two I can learn from him. I'd even like to hear him speak sometime, but do I feel an iota for him? No.

P.S. Or maybe I am the biggest hypocrite of them all to make a blog post out of him?

The Girl Who Made Heads Turn

[Disclaimer: Morbid Shit]

She stood there by the side of the road, a lonely figure with a green top and a black jean. From the moment I turned the street I noticed her, unable to take my eyes of her. As I drew closer, she noticed me too and tossed her hair to one side and looked at me and for a moment there our eyes locked. It was just the two of us now alone in that moment full of possibility, like a time locked oasis where nothing there that could touch us or ever come between us. I was aware simply of her beauty, her grace and her poise and knew at once that she was the one I was to be with. It felt as if my heart was torn asunder and laid plainly at her feet. I only realised that something was terribly wrong only as her expression changed from one of surprise and then to that of shock as I hit the ground hard while riding at 70 kilometers per hour. My last thoughts that I can remember simply screamed out "Damn that bloody murderess..."

[On 2nd thoughts, maybe you've seen this in some damn movie but wthell]

Cigarettes VS Mint

This happens almost every time I'm with buddies

Friend 1: Macha, buy me 1 cig da.
Friend 2: Sure da. Which one? I think they have only Kings.
Friend 1: Ya, thats cool. And buy some mint also.
Me: Dai, buy me one mint also da. See if they have that 2 bucks polo

[I get stared at]

Friend 1: Dude, you know what happens if you have too much mint right?
Me (Feigning Ignorance): No da, what happens?
Friend 1: You'll become impotent. You're future wife will leave you for sure..
Friend 2: Or maybe you won't even have one! Hahaha

Ok, WTF? The 2 buggers are having CIGARETTES which will UNDOUBTEDLY KILL them. And they are worried about my future impotency just because I have the occasional mint? WTF!?

Fountainhead Characters on SCJP Exam

[I'm scared of The Fountainhead's fans. Everything anyone ever says about the book is WRONG, except their own interpretation of course. The more knuckleheaded they are, the more I fear them trying to ambush me in the nearby bakery with a club or something. Now this little thingy might be just the thing to give em that incentive. But so what?]

A friend and I were discussing the SCJP exam and apparently folks these days are mugging up previous questions to get 96-98%. One thing then lead to another and here's what we (sorta) agreed on (ok it was mostly me) what the characters from The Fountainhead might have to say about it

Roark: SCJP? Wazzat???

Wynand: SCJP? F** that. I'm starting my own exam.. And YOU (Who me?) are going to be the 1st one to pass it you hear me?

Keating (snicker snicker): I'm going to mug all the questions to get 98%. And THEN I'm going to understand EVERYTHING so that I can make the remaining 2% as well. Muhahaha! I'm awesome!!

Toohey(evil laugh): I'm gonna get 96% by mugging, then pretend I'm of a lower caste. I'll then stand for election claiming to be very intelligent and deserving and then become mayor of this city! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Another part of the convo actually had this bit of conversation in it:
You know what
I'm back in college
some c*** suckers are sucking up
to the incharge
and I'm trying to convince them
that he's a fake
and they suck up even harder
then I call them
and say look
and suddenly there's a computer screen
and I compile the incharge
and he has errors
now they're thinking,
maybe I'm right.

So yea,

Lord Vinayaka

My favourite God has to be Lord Vinayaka (Ganesha). The second child of Lord Shiva, he was originally created to guard his consort Parvati while she bathed but ended up almost defeating the Lord himself in battle before having his head severed. He was then revived with the head of an elephant and so began his story.

Lord Ganesha is one of the more smarter and playful ones among the Hindu Gods. A famous story about him is when his brother Muruga got fooled into traversing the whole universe at the behest of his parents but the cheeky Ganesha simply went around his parents stating that his parents were indeed the universe itself! Finally someone who doesn't spend all his time meditating, saving the universe or gets himself fooled into giving boons to ill meaning Rakshasas (Demons)

Now comes the most interesting part of Lord Vinayaka. He's fat. Yes, he's fat and I always wondered why. Almost every other Hindu god is portrayed as a warrior (I even saw an image of Lord Krishna on sale near the ISKON temple sporting a six pack!) with grand weapons and all the other paraphernalia but Lord Vinayaka is always shown with a bowl full of laddus! (Sure his stomach is supposed to 'symbolise' a vast hoard of knowledge and the laddus are supposed to be knowledge to be assimilated........ yea........ok..... ) .

He's also the God who doesn't demand too much from you. All he asks of his devotees is to tell him a friendly 'Hi' before starting something new and ask for his blessing and doesn't bother you thereafter. Oh and did you know that he also protects street corners from ghosts? Hence the little Ganesha idols at the end of every street end.

All in all, its Lord Ganesh FTW if there ever was a "Who's your favourite God?" poll.

Probability In Everyday Life

A few friends and I were discussing palmistry when the following bit of conversation happened

Friend 1: Macha, show me your hand again.. oh you have a simian crease!

Me: Hahaha, doesn't Simian mean monkey or something??

Friend 2: Best monkey man! But wtf? I can't believe we are discussing this stuff. How can you believe in this garbage?

Friend 3: But you know chicks like such stuff..

Friend 2 (with almost 0 reaction time): Does your Mom also like it?


Friend 1: Simian creases are damn rare da.

Friend 3: Balls. I know many people who have it. My dad and uncle have them. Its not rare at all...

I later found out that only about 3% of the population have them. What that lead me to understand is that Friend 3 might have a misconceived notion about something simply because he was exposed to outliers i.e. 2 people close to him having the simian crease without even knowing it.

I wonder how many wrong notions I have.. Hmmm...

Cheeky Tanjore Rock Artists

Every time I try my hand at some form of 'art', I'm always tempted to leave behind some Easter eggs. Be it some hidden message(there are quite a few on this blog if you look hard enough!) , random bits of code, an out-of-place diagram, anything.

Then one day while watching a documentary on the great Tanjore (Thanjavur) Temples I realised I wasn't alone.

The below is a picture of a embossed saint meditating
This appears quite prominently on the rock surface where it is found. Simple enough.

The below is a picture of a Cat meditating, with some mice looking up to it which appears at the bottom of the rock surface and is of a smaller size than the saint
Now we all know what will happen when the cat stops meditating, its definitely going to be hungry!
Talk about the warning of following a holy man blindly!!

What really amazes me is that both these rock carvings are found on the same wall in Tanjavur. Now we can never be certain if this was sneaked in or was officially authorised. Nonetheless these sculptures sure had a way of getting their point across.

Respect _/\_

No Rules!

I have this t-shirt with me since class 10 which I cherish a lot. Its a simple white tee with a little blue thrown around here and there. Here's what it meant it to me over the years

Class 10- Awesome t-shirt! This is gonna make me look cool!!

Class 12- No Rules, No Rules... Hey! its a contradiction. If 'No Rules' itself is a rule, its breaking itself! Ha, now who else would've thought of that eh? I sure am Smart

College- Man, what an awesome colour combination this t-shirt has and a great tag line branded with it. I should push for this to be the theme for the cultural festival's site. And 'No Rules', wow, what a simple and effective caption its gonna be!

Now- Yay! I fit into it again. My tummy's gone right back in! w00t!! :)

The Boon

boon-blessing: a desirable state; "enjoy the blessings of peace";

Ravi sat and stared into space for what seemed like eternity. His entire body was numb with inaction, unable to create any kind of excuse to move. He stared blankly at the wall for so long that the wall itself seemed to move all by itself, twisting a little, sliding a little. It was only when he blinked that the wall returned to normal only to start swaying again in a few seconds. Walls always seem to behave this way when the mind is adamant on staying blank.

Ravi had given up.

After what seemed like an eternity, Ravi suddenly sensed something stirring in him. It was a deep and powerful feeling of having been here before and done this before. A familiar feeling of safety and comfort of being in his mother's arms as a small child was what he could recognise as he drifted away into a state of half sleep....

"It is said that everyone is born with divinity in them and when taken to the maximum potential one can even become One with the divine. Irrespective of past actions, or even those from the future God is always close. However there comes a time in one's life when one is farthest away from this realization and God decides to come to one's rescue and offer one boon, however fantastic that might be. It would be the one time in an individual's life where everything would be magical and the whole universe would revolve around that person for the boon to be fulfilled. But be warned for it is only the Is that knows when one needs it the most..."

"Ravi, it is I, the one you know as God. It has been a while since you last spoke to me in the temple as a child. So, speak to me now my child, what can be done to help you from this deep dark hole that you have put yourself into? State your one boon so that all your troubles may vanish and that you can spread your wings and fly once again..."

"How much worse can this get? My life is pathetic enough and now I'm growing crazy as well?? Oh God, please just leave me alone and let me be"

"I see, that is indeed what you desire Ravi. Your boon shall be granted. Goodbye little one, till we meet again...... in another lifetime..... when you might learn better...."

Life As A New Graduate

Life as a new graduate in a company, on the 1st job is very clearly summed up here

When I Beat Christopher Nolan

To put it simply:


While on the subject of nightmares, I'd like to share something more:

The most bizarre nightmare ever

Every now and then we have a nightmare where we are failing, dying or even walking with no underpants on the main road or some other familiar location.

I can handle them

But then a few days back I woke up at about 2AM with my entire sense of reality upside down thanks to my nightmare.

In this particular one I was an XML file.

Yes, a damn XML file with every node representing a particular body part with the attributes providing specific metrics about them.

Now thats a dream which even Christopher Nolan wouldn't have thought of eh?

Inspired Man

Joseph was at his wit's end. He was 39 years old, unmarried and living on a waiter's salary. He didn't have any savings and was barely making his ends meet.

It so happened that Joseph was a brilliant musician but not a very successful one at that. He had a couple of critically acclaimed album releases in his early 20's but they hadn't really taken off in the charts. It wasn't soon before his label and band mates dropped him. But Bernard had pressed on..

Joseph now had a one of chance to prove his worth. He had been given the chance to write a song for an upcoming big budget movie. The story was a love story about 2 lovers who never saw each other but yet had fallen deeply in love with each other. Bernard worked day and night on his song. He toiled to write a love song like nothing before. He spent many days and sleepless night pouring his heart and soul into the song till the song reflected his entire existence. It was Bernard's masterpiece.. and he knew it! After much thought he named the song "Love Boat River", a metaphor for everything that life was to him. He proudly submitted the song to his producers and started his long wait.. to fame and stardom!...

In some bar,

Person 1: What is this shit?
Person 2: Its a new song man, "Love Boat River"
Person 3: Haha, what a stupid name. What senseless loser gave it such a name. And it sure has a weird tune. Its nothing like the other romance songs. There's something missing in this yaar, a sense of melody and beat
Person 2: But its so unique and new. I kinda like it!
Person 1: You have bad taste and c'mon you always like stuff which no one else likes. Its just your way of being 'cool' isn't it?
Person 2: Umm, umm.. yea.. lol ..
Person 3: Bah, what a shitty chorus. Why do they even play such songs on the radio. Bad pathetic music. I wonder when the next Bieber song will come on, at least it has an awesome melody........................

"Love Boat River" stopped coming on the radio within a week of its release.

I wonder what happened to Joseph's soul..


[The effects of reading too many comics and a lot of code]

[late at night]
*woooot woooot wooooooot*
*pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter*
[lone car on the road]
[get out of car]
*tip tap tip tap tip tap*
[take out keys]
[look look]
[push open door]
*tip toe tip toe*
[push open door]
*tick tock tick tock*
*tip toe tip toe*
[wonder wonder fetter fetter]
[raise knife]
[lights on]
*Surprise! Happy Birthday!!.... *


Soldiers Of Tomorrow

[A post after a long time! And its more the economist in me which is doing the talking. Also this post is more generic than country specific]

When I was little I was enamoured by the armed forces. They had the fastest jets, sleekest ships and the most rugged looking tanks and jeeps. Soldiers I thought were the backbone of a country, ready to lay down their lives for all of us and seemed to me to be the coolest people in the world. For a large part of my school days I wanted to be a scientist for the armed forces and work with all that awesome technology.

And then I grew older.. and hopefully smarter...

Now I think that the armed forces are useless. With there being nucler weapons, no country would dare launch a full a scale occupation of any other country (unless you're Saddam Hussein and dumb enough to not suck up to any of the nuclear powers before you had a weapon yourself) for threat of nuclear obliteration. So why have the armed forces?

I can think of the following reasons:

1) Disaster Relief
2) Border Patrol
3) Counter Terrorism
4) A signalling mechanism to satisfy investors about the stability of a country
5) Reduce Unemployment (A current dismantling of the military machine would lead to an influx of so much labour that a country's economy would collapse)

Now I don't see why points 1 & 2 cannot be left to the hands of smaller and more specially trained teams or even completed automated!

But I still see soldiers, brave soldiers protecting our country from the greatest villains of the coming century, such as

1) Disease
2) Economic Inequalities
3) Ignorance

Yes, I'm talking about social workers. The unsung heroes of the modern day world who fight against those enemies whose one agent (HIV?) kills more humans than all the wars in the world combined. They are battling not in far off lands using big machines, but most likely in your neighbouring street and with their bare hands. It is indeed a great shame that billions of dollars worth of weaponary is being procured by countries all over the world just to build machines most of which are never really used due to fear of all out nuclear war. I can only wonder how much good these resources would bring if channeled to the proper agents. Why we might even be able to bring down the prices of green technology making them far more affordable and accessible! I truly feel that the possibilities are endless if the resources wasted on the armed forces are put to good use

The Silver Screen

It was one tiring night at about 9PM when I was returning home from work. I got on the good ol' 342F and as the bus rattled along I slid into an empty seat and searched for my music player to listen to a good 3-4 songs of Cream before I reached my destination. Then to my horror, onto the bus came a gang of bratty boys full of jokes, laughter and random 'kalais'. They were making a huge ruckus, but were having fun nonetheless. It felt just like being back in college.

I wanted to punch them all square across the jaw and throw them off the bus..

A couple of days later, it was again a tiring night at about 9PM when I was returning home from work. I got on one of those private buses and as the bus rattled along I slid into an empty seat and searched for my music player to listen to a good 3-4 songs of Cream before I reached my destination. Then to my horror, the TV on the bus turned on with the speakers at full volume. It showed a random scene from a movie about a gang of bratty boys full of jokes, laughter and random 'kalais'. They were making a huge ruckus, but were having fun nonetheless. It felt just like being back in college watching that scene from the movie.

I didn't mind it, in fact I quite enjoyed it..

It was only after getting off the bus that I realized my hypocrisy. Why was so intolerant of those boys who got on the bus but didn't mind the exact same thing happening on the TV. From my point view, both ways, it should have simply been 'entertainment'!

Are we biased to let our guard down and accept easily what we see on TV? I wonder....

Thought Of Inflexion

[While listening to "Better Man" by Oasis, exam answers at school, "Better Man" by Oasis again, a long bus ride, missing my blog, knowing that life gets you no where unless you do something, trying to make a mark in the world by writing something new, knowing you might suck at it but old enough to know that you'd suck more if you didn't try.. yea, you get the picture...]

Imagine your life to be a function.
Yes, a function, those f(x) thingys. What you do is mostly f(x). What you say or feel is mostly f'(x) (or even f'(-x) considering the fact that we sometimes so the exact opposite of what we say or feel). And its our thought which is f''(x).

Now the point of inflexion is the point where f''(x) changes signs.


Now imagine that you're gonna do something real bad. You know it as being bad of course, yet you get some (which you know is sick/bad) pleasure out of it .... and you do it anyway.

(You're know angel, c'mon think of SOMETHING! Got it? Good lets proceed)

Now just forget everything and think of something where you did something you had never done before... and loved it!

(C'mon, you must have plenty of memories!)

What really happened here? How did YOU do it? Sure there may have been cheering, memories jeering or even a gun or two pointed at your back, but really, what happened?

I want to take an example of someone trying to reduce weight(Thats a 'politically correct' example :) )

Lets assume that he/she has fixed a new exercise regime which starts at 6 AM and they are all gung ho about it the night before, while lying in their bed about to sleep.

Its 6 AM the next day and the alarm rings when ....

Scenario 1
f(x)=what you do = hit the snooze button
f'(x) = what you say or feel = i know i suck.. i'll stop sucking from tomorrow though. i'll pass for today. The sky isn't going to fall on my head is it?
f''(x)= what you think= zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Scenario 2
f(x)=what you do=jump out of bed and do ten push ups!
f'(x) = what you say or feel =today I'm gonna make a change and be awesome!!
f''(x)= what you think=Get up at any cost, now!!!

(Yay! so many exclamation marks!!!! f'''(x) = n00b)

f''(x) here is the Thought Of Inflexion

To me here, the most interesting thing is f''(x). Our whole lives are governed by thoughts which drive our everyday lives[f''(x) affects f(x) and f'(x). Its the inner drive for f(x) and f'(x)]
Every little choice that we make throws our life this way or that. But if only we could control a thought, the thoughts that follow from it can all be useful and awesome.

Hope that wasn't preachy, f'''(x) = zzzzzz

The Silence Thereafter

[n00b poem :D]

We could hear a crack, followed by a scream.
A triumphal joy, a winner's dream
One was fat, while the other was lean
The thing they had in common, they both were in jeans

Me? I was playing pool
With meager skills, we sure looked like fools,
And then there were some trying to act cool
Smacking balls in, the cue as a tool

And then suddenly the noise there stopped,
The bubble of joy had but popped
With every ball down, all egos cropped
The silence thereafter, like a teardrop


My Broker Dilemma

It so happened that me and a couple of buddies were out on the streets hunting for a house, stubbornly determined to make it on our own and NOT take the help of a broker when a question arose in my mind. It was as simple as this:

"Must the broker pay you or you the broker for getting you a house"

The larger question here is whether the broker is selling you the house, or is he selling you to the house owner.

Lets consider the former where the broker is selling you the house in which case you obviously owe him his fees for finding you a house.

But how about when you look it from the point of view of him selling the house to you on behalf of the owner. You're literally doing him a favour by taking up the agreement of living in the house! If nothing, he should be paying you for generating business for him!!

I'm sure some economist has figured out a solution for this question. Do let me know if you know about it.

Note: Ah well, in the non-hypothetical world the broker would probably take a cut from both you AND the house owner as he is really only selling "information" to both the parties and hence deserves his dues. Smart chaps they always are!!

Akbar The Great, Dara Shikoh and The Meeting Of The Two Oceans

On watching the BBC Documentary "The Story Of India" by Michael Wood, I was reminded of a little line I remember reading in my history text book about something known as Din-i-illahi - a "religion" that Akbar was said to have started. On pondering a bit about it, the freedom movement and the problems that India is facing now it seemed extremely important to me to look into this a bit more.

It turned out that Akbar never did start a "religion"per say, but rather built a great hall called the Ibadat Khana where he invited the leading thinkers of all major religions to sort out their differences and reach a common ground. As it turns out in most such cases, these debates turned ugly and bitter and lead to so much animosity amongst the parties that Akbar was forced to cancel these discussions. But Akbar did manage to gauge that there did exist a common thread amongst these various religions and bring out a "syncrectic" doctrine which eventually became known as Din-I-Illahi. But all this is probably something you already knew as it was one of the reasons that Akbar was titled "The Great".

But a lesser known attempt at something of the same nature was by Akbar's grandson Dara Shikoh (Shiekh?). An intellectual at heart, among other things he was instrumental in bringing out the Majma-Ul-Bahrain (The meeting of the two oceans) which according to wikipedia was "devoted to the revelation of the mystical and pluralistic affinities between Sufic and Vedantic speculation".
This to seems like a very bold step to foster the growth of a unified India by him and is probably one of the rather first attempts at truly searching for a global faith. A far greater feat of significance and grandeur than what is father had accomplished if you ask me.

However, as many times in history, human fears and ego got the better of the Mughal family. The war of succession that ensued after Shah Janah fell ill lead to the defeat of Dara Shikoh and his younger brother Aurangzeb became the emperor who was not as forward thinking as his older brother or his grandfather. And with ended the great open-mindedness of the Muslim rulers in India.

What I wonder at this point is what might have happened if Aurangzeb had not become the ruler of India. What might have happened if Akbar's and Dara Shikoh's ideas were further promulgated into the Indian psyche?

Would the British have ever succeeded in their policy of "Divide & Rule"? Would there be a state called Pakistan? Would terrorism be a problem in India today?

But all I can do is wonder....