2 Degrees Of Knowledge

[Note 1: Hello]

[Note 2: A picture less post :( ]

So, I am with a bunch of friends having a random discussion outside a mall when suddenly the talk turned towards the movie "Paa" for some reason. Now, all of us being good Chennai boys had just barely heard about the movie somewhere and had not ventured to ascertain any more information about it. But then one of us had somehow been dragged along for the movie (yes, there were individuals of the fairer sex in his group) which was why the topic came up in the first place. Then here's how the conversation went....

Guy who went for Paa (GWWFP): Macha, the movie's not so bad da (in a defending manner)

Everyone Else (EE): Oh

GWWFP: Dai, really da...

EE: Oh, Ok


EE (Laughter): yedo solla varan paiyan (poor chap is trying to tell something)

GWWFP: It had Paresh Rawal in the movie!

Me(completely out of the blue and for no apparent reason): Oh! Paresh Rawal nice da.. he's an amazing actor!!!!

(This is when EE started to stare at me, obviously with no clue. However for me being from a college that had students from all across the country I was forced to watch a couple of movies such as Golmaal and Garam Masala and to the best of my recollection so were most of the other chaps from Chennai. But unfortunately for me not one of these movies came to my mind at that time or into anyone else's for that matter)

EE(after a slightly longer than required pause) : Yenna UC, xxxxxx ku support ah? Avane kuti ku aga daane poyirkuran hahaha.... (What da UC, why are you supporting xxxxxx? He went just cuz some chicks called him hahaha)

and the conversation continued onto other things

So, what I learnt from this little incident is to always have 2 degrees of knowledge about ANYTHING. One for conversations sake and one for justification. You see, somehow the human mind seems to be programmed to think that having 2 pieces of information about anything in a conversation is enough to make something true! Do test it out!!