I Have The Moon, You Have The Internet

[Note 1: This little piece was inspired by the title of a track by an artist called The Field]

[Note 2: I am no poet and my knowledge of poetry is almost zilch. Do forgive me if I have crossed the line by even calling what I have to present as poetry. But then again, someone told me about there being something called poetic license...]

[Note 3: Just because this piece has anything to do with the net, I hope it is not viewed as 'not classical' enough to be worth writing poetry about]

On this Field of light, the city sleeps, the damned cold wind blows

It soothes the skin, but cuts and burns, through that wretched soul

The cigarette butt is thrown, and now there’s nothing, nothing left to fret

So it’s back downstairs, down to hell, back to that internet

Like a rising star, his dreams took’en flight, bright to burn the sun

No time for compromise, for idle delights, or petty things called fun

But soon the evil that, had got the better, Those creeping little things

That stray through dark, dark alleys, and other living beings

Then one day, he met a man, staring up the sky was he

“The stars are free, don’t you see. Like them must we be!”

And so that little glow, that once shone through, for a moment lit,

With that bright starlight, ‘twas God’s greatest gift, Oh! But until

And so he swore, never before, was he so aghast

That the stately robe, that he used to whore, was but an ill fit mask

He threw them away, only to be, filled with an unknown dread

So he ran, back he went, back to his internet

That mad man laughed, till tear’d his eyes, for he knew that God could see

That man’s greatest boon, wasted too soon, would never set one free

And so he sang, long in the night, until the break of dawn

“Oh you fool, I have the moon, but the net has killed your song”

Image courtesy: http://static.open.salon.com/files/moon1230534473.jpg