There's Nothing We Can Do But Keep On Learning

I frequent the TV very rarely due to the dearth of quality channels thanks to the introduction of the Conditional Access System in 2003. Yea, 5 years and hardly any TV.. the number of blogs over here proves the point too doesn't it? But anyway, late one night I decided to test my tolerance to boredom and switched on the TV.

Randomly I found this --->

Lok Sabha TV. They were doing a documentary on Quacks in the country, and it was actually pretty damn good. They were exposing Quacks, Police Officers and even various 'Quack-crack-down' dept heads. With practical advice on how to identify Quacks and test if the medicines they prescribeare genuine or fake, it was a really brilliant documentary- something all people even remotely Indian ought to know. For once I learnt something.

And then there was this--->

The Big Brother of all Indian News Channels. They were doing a story about a poor innocent girl's murder (i.e Arushi) followed by what Madonna had to say about some random paparazzi...

News I can use?? Hell No!!

Oh, n hiring hot chicks as newscasters to increase TRP's of a channel.. good idea btw :|


  1. aravind aka arudiJuly 12, 2008 at 10:42 PM

    mac...i'll tell u one good program to watch da... try watching a program called rose 4 u in vijay tv da.. its a just a regular program with the host interviewing experts in different fields regarding the common problems.... but there is one diff thing abt this program.. the host is a eunuch named rose.. and he/she is good da.. he/she seems to be damn knowledgeable in every field... she her/himself is an expert in animation and website designing and she has read a lot of books... in the interview she quotes some lines from durant philosophy.. she tells the title names etc in which its given..i've just seen a couple of them and she is good da... and her website is awesome.. go to she is managing that site with her team.. she was the primary architect of that site...

  2. Arudood!!! yoyoyo
    Dai, the site looks kinda fake da.. hmm.. there's no inclination to anything abt wht u said.. hmmmm...

  3. the site doesnt exist! the domain is available for buyin it!
    go go go uc! buy it.. pretend u r rose.. n njoi!