An unverified story about Manmohan Singh

I recently heard an unverified story regarding our current Prime Minster Dr.Manmohan Singh which seemed pretty amazing (my friend could've been making it up as well, but that I somehow doubt!).

It was in the 90's that a conversation between a reporter and Dr.Manmohan Singh went something like this

Reporter(R): "Sir, how would you reduce corruption in India"

Manmohan Singh (MS)(promptly): "There are 5 ways"

R: "Could you share them with us please?"

MS: "Yes, I would change the currency"

.. and the man apparently slowly walked away... Changing the currency with a 1:1 conversion ratio would necessitate all the black money to get converted to white money by exchanging it with the central bank if it were to have any value. This money would HAVE to then be accounted for in the system (at least in theory, but it sure would shake things up for the corrupt)

I don't know about you, but I sure like politicians with ideas like this, even if not the force. I always wonder what the other 4 ideas were.....

Psychological Functions: Their Highest Ideals

Psychological functions are common pop-psychology in modern times - used everywhere from marriage counselling to job interviews with a view to 'type' people all the while trying to draw a comparative analysis of the various skills that people have and can develop.

However these functions, on seeing them well differentiated in their purest form, in the absence of any other function seem to promulgate a world-view highly unique albeit incomplete in the grand chaos of life. Below is a tentative matching of functions with the values (and lifestyle) that they would seem to evoke in an individual. The subject of the statement is always the consciousness whereas the objects for the Extraverted functions lie in external reality while for the Introverted functions they are the internal models.

Extraverted Thinking (Te) - "Is everything in order and going according to plan?"
Introverted Thinking (Ti) - "How better can this be done without breaking too many rules?"
Extraverted Feeling (Fe) - "Is everybody happy? Is there harmony?"
Introverted Feeling (Fi) - "Is this really a thing of beauty and subjective worth?"

Extraverted Sensing (Se) - "The present moment is all there is. Life exists in the NOW"
Introverted Sensing (Si) - "Our culture and traditions define us. Change is not always a good thing"
Extraverted Intuition (Ne) - "There is always something more here. Everything is in a state of flux"
Introverted Intuition (Ni) - "There is a subjective meaning to everything which links up to everything else"

Any suggestions and/or corrections are welcome!

Carl Jung: A Homage

Dear Dr.Jung,

Thank you for teaching us how to bring down the Gods.

Thank you for showing us how to navigate one's soul and the universe.

Thank you for giving us the tools for sowing the seeds of compassion and understanding.

Thank you for showing us that we're simply accidents, waiting to happen.

To end with a quote from the famous travel author and explorer, Laurens Van Der Post
“biology and spirit, science and the demands of the soul, the discipline without and the call within, have common living ground” (Van Der Post, 1975, pg. 91).