Cigarettes VS Mint

This happens almost every time I'm with buddies

Friend 1: Macha, buy me 1 cig da.
Friend 2: Sure da. Which one? I think they have only Kings.
Friend 1: Ya, thats cool. And buy some mint also.
Me: Dai, buy me one mint also da. See if they have that 2 bucks polo

[I get stared at]

Friend 1: Dude, you know what happens if you have too much mint right?
Me (Feigning Ignorance): No da, what happens?
Friend 1: You'll become impotent. You're future wife will leave you for sure..
Friend 2: Or maybe you won't even have one! Hahaha

Ok, WTF? The 2 buggers are having CIGARETTES which will UNDOUBTEDLY KILL them. And they are worried about my future impotency just because I have the occasional mint? WTF!?