The Four Horseman vs Evil

The beginning link of 'Evil' by Mercyful Fate sounds like the riff from the four horseman. Did Metallica copy...again?? They did play a part of Evil on their Mercyful Fate medly on the Garage Inc. it their way of paying tribute to the song.... hmmmm.....

What is the becomer?

For years I dwelt on the nature of creation
For years the questions of old plagued me
For years did the quest carry me on
Until death reminded me of the years gone by

I choose not to demean the human being
Nor to place it on the highest of thrones, for lurking behind arrogance is the veil of ignorance

The becomeing is all we are
The becomeing is all we are

The formless twists and turn
Till the form is what it becomes
The mind provides the form, and the thought the medium

The becoming is all we are
The becoming is all we are

Bounded by time is what we are
For time in itself is but an association, a thought
Time exists only in itself
For without time there would be no motion

The becomer is time
Becomeing forever
From dust to life to dust again
From pain to joy to thought to life

The becomer becomes, for that is my role
Where I end and you begin, the becomer is what we are

We are always becoming, changing, forming, twisting
To stand still is a paradox for it has no beginning or end
We were becoming before that and to stand still is to become it

The becoming is all we are
The becoming is all we are

Live the becomer
The joy is the becomer, beauty is the becomer
Accept the becomeing, and the becomer is yours
For the becoming is what we are, to change, to twist, to mould... to become...