The Circle Of Hate

On a recent show that I saw, the chief protagonist challenges a bunch of terrorist as to why they had taken over a hotel and holding hostages, to which the leader of the terrorist fit replies that they want the world to know that they exist and the cause that they support. The protagonist kills him. The last word that the terrorist hears goes something like this "Terrorism should be a means to meet out justice, not for foolish propaganda like yours". This got me thinking.

What does modern terrorism really hope to achieve. Honestly, i don't know nor do I trust the media enough to trust what they say(even if they really DO). But the need for terrorism does stem from some injustice that has been carried out on the terrorist's country. And they believe that their acts of terrorism will rectify the damage that is done.

But what happens when you kill another human being? You destroy his/her family and friends. You make their lives miserable. Is that not an injustice on the person who is killed? Won't his/her associates want to extract justice(i.e. revenge) for the death? The circle of hate never stops. This circle is THE chief cause of all the blood shed in the world today. Think about it.

But a non-violent path breaks this circle. What is the worst that can happen if a strike or hartal is committed? It annoys the f*** out of the government. It constricts the economy, yes.. but the oppressors can have no reason to HATE the protesters. There will be no HATE.
Lets see how tanks can role over Iraqi people sitting on the street refusing them passage.

-After World War I, the British left Germany as their enemies. World War II followed.

-After India's struggle for freedom, the British left the country as friends and well wishers. They didn't turn around and shoot us dead again.

This might have been Gandhi's greatest achievement...


Art Appreciation

- Salavador Dali

The source of all energy,

The sacred fire within,

The light of all enlightenment,

The sacred feminine,

The third eye

No, i don't care what Dali really wanted it to represent or what the painting is really called.

To Give Or Not To Give


Heart:Give the poor girl some change. She could really use it.

Mind:This is so annoying, I was having such a good conversation. Now the flow is broken.Damn. Anyway lets see what the others do. Some one's bound to give some money and she'll go away.

Cousin: Dude, never give money to beggars. Begging should be treated as an industry and each time you give money to a beggar you are encouraging it. You are 'buying' your right to not feel pity. And the individual beggars don't even get the cash. It goes to the local goondas anyway and the beggars themselves get a small portion of it. If you don't give them cash, the industry'll die and begging will be eliminated. There should be a rule against it.

I followed me heart


Mind:Thank god thats over, +1 Karma eh? Thu you


Am I weak???