Does terrorism really matter for Indians: A Must Read

Does the word 'Terrorism' mean ANYTHING to you?? It does???
Awwww, thats so sweet... now see this....

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This is what Google had to say about the search patterns in India. Now, Google is a service used mostly by 'educated' Indians, and this is what they are searching for. The graph on top shows the number of searches and the graphs in the bottom shows how much the media concentrates on the two search strings.

The result made my jaw drop. I did not expect this much of a disparity

Even though the media focuses more on terrorism, its as if Indians don't care at all!!! Cricket seems waaaaaaaaay more important. What does this have to say about the Indian psyche. Is terrorism always somebody else's problem???

Or does the media really represent us? Are they afraid of telling the truth about us and follow the poltically correct path always???

This result definitely raises some serious questions....

Well, On a lighter note....

Can people be blamed for this?