Dedicated to DePP Designers

Now I know how hard Photoshop really is and think that I had the easy way out sitting and mercilessly criticizing every designers work.. sorry for the annoyance :P (But guess it was needed to achieve good quality output.................... ok, i'll stop now..)

Presenting MY Waves teaser poster O.o

Advertisement for the New Generation

"Their advertising in the sky, for people like us...." sang Bono in U2's hit 'City of Blinding Lights' echoing the thoughts of every city (and a few villages as well of course) dweller. Everywhere you look there are billboards, posters, plackards, signboards and neons. Like it or not, advertising is a mainstay of modern Capitalism.

Now, think about this. Have you ever been on a long train journey and at some point been forced to stare out the window with nothing to do but gaze at the trees whizzing past you?? Do you remember ever tree you see?? Of course not!!!

Its becomeing the same case with advertisements these days. For a generation accalimatised to being surrounded by advertisements since a young age, our minds have learnt to simply and efficiently block out the excess information. Its really like getting used to the cold water of a shower a few moments after you get into it. Your body learns to adapt to the new environment..

Try this; The next time you finish watching a TV show, try to recollect the ad's that you saw. My guess is that you can't remember more than 4-7% of them. 

So is the extra money spent on advertisement really worth it? Maybe the entire concept of advertisement has to be revamped for the modern customer...