Kulir 100: The greatest movie ending ever

... the hero walks with blood shot eyes. The wind is blowing hard, time stands still and the people in the neighbourhood look at him with a mixture of shock and pity. The hero has just murdered 3 people and returns home to find his mother dead.. by a traffic accident.. sure Karma can be a bitch.... unable to handle the tragedy, the lonely hero walks down the road.....

K-sama:"Macha, I think he's gonna commit suicide ..."
Me:"Ille da, I think he'll go and turn himself in at the police station..."
Vinay:"Ya da, exactly.. even I think so...."

... the lonely hero walks down the road, the wind in his face, with blood shot eyes. Thunder strikes, tears stream down his eyes and the camera focuses on them. The tragic loss of a mother is an unsurmountable grief of course and the hero's pain is great.. so great that THUNK! The hero walks right into a telephone pole and falls down...

and then we see


and the movie ended o.O

Teachers and their dearth thereof

I would love to be a teacher. There is probably not a more noble profession than that of teaching where the future of the coming generation in entrusted into your hands. It is said that the knowledge that we gain from our forefathers is our greatest treasure (read for me as Newton's laws etc) and for the guiding principles of our daily lives. How than is such an important conduit, that connects the past to our future so less thought about and respected.
I guess its because the profession has very little glamour and hence pay. Teachers find it extremely difficult to maintain a family on their individual earnings and tend to take tuitions in their after hours. This in turn MIGHT cause them to teach badly in their respective schools, there by upping the demand for these tuitions. This leads to a spiralling effect where student from school A go to a tuition by a teacher from school B and vice versa for the students of school B.

Guess this noble profession has been brought to its knees by the power of money. Surely, the best teachers are living the professiona only to be reaplaced by individuals in need of ANY form of employment. Maybe its high time the state enforced teaching duties to its more well educated citizens. 

In the midst of all this, at least let the children not suffer.....

The Great Indian Dream

The Great Indian Dream: "Sit in front of the computer and dream of going abroad"

Being A n00b

[On the occasion of the word noob being added to the English language as the 1millionth word, I felt indeed a need to pay homage to this much used word]

There are many sayings that go something like

"You remain a student all your life"

"However high you go, there's always someone above you"

"A winner ceases to win, once he/she thinks they are unbeatable and stop learning"

.. and so on....

What they all essentially seem to say is: "You'll be a noob all your life"

Now that's a scary thought