In Support Of America

Granted, America is Evil


Guantanamo Bay, Terrorism Initiaters, Oil Price Manipulators, Economic Destroyers, Imperialists, Britney Spears and the list of other evil things that America does goes on....


Siberian Gulags, The Holocast, Nuclear Weapons, Domestic Food and basic necessities shortages due to exports, No Economic Growth whatsoever, Murders and Rapers, Guess Britney is the only exception here... :P

The above is what the Nazis or the Communists would have done...

Don't you get it? America is the best bully the world has ever had. It is thanks to American policies and the overall victory of Capitalism that the smart and hard working at least have a chance to make it in life, irrespective of where they are born or the colour of their skin. Its thanks to America that something as open and liberating as the Internet exists today. Of course its true that America is the cause of many country's poverty, but that is mostly due to the greed and stupidity of the country's rulers. Look at the case of Taiwan, Singapore or Dubai.. do you think it would have been even remotely possible for small island nations to become prosperous if there was no America? Wouldn't Soviet Russia or the Nazis simply have taken over these small island nations?? Lets face it, American rule at least provides an individual or country the opportunity to break the shackles of poverty and have a fighting chance to stand on its own 2 feet.. if they choose to do so by playing it smart and working hard. At no other point in history has this been even remotely possible. The American experiment is definitely is a success, even if it has its faults.....

The Thing About Driving and Soccer

or basketball, rugby, hockey or any other team game that requires players to be spread out in a random fashion (ok, there are strategies and positions(midfielders, strikers, defenders etc etc, but what the hell...) but at any given time the distribution for a particular direction of ball travel is pretty random)

Now, say you are a midfielder who wants to take the ball all the way to the rival team's goal, how do you choose the best path?? All good players are able to spot gaps in the enemy's defense, and take the ball through those gaps to reach the goal. Some of the more advanced players are able to even create these gaps by tricking the rival team members and some of the even more advanced players even use other teammates to create openings.

Is it not kind of the same thing in peak hour traffic? The driver strives to find that little gap through which he/she can squeeze through so as to make it to the next traffic jam (:D) Its really the same skill as that what footballers use, only this time its like a free for all football game where each player in on his/her own, the ultimate 'goal' being getting to your destination on tyme!

Rollback Nightmare

Ever heard of a rollback nightmare? Nope?? Neither have I. Until now, cuz I made it up.

My first day at home, in my old room, on my familiar bed .. and I had to wake up at 5:30 AM thanks to the rollback nightmare. Ok, let me explain.

The nightmare went something like this. There's this character in the TV show L.O.S.T called Charlie (Now, the last time I saw the show was almost 3 months back, but it still came in my dream O.o) and he was explaining to the Indian military, what he was doing in some jungle in Sri Lanka and why aliens had come to kill "us all". It was like Charlie was in some jungle and the military suddenly descended on him. I unfortunately was like a ghost hovering around this entire scene pissing in my pants. Then suddenly Charlie starts singing the "You are everybody" song and that's when I decided that all this must be a dream and I had to wake up. So.. wake up I did!! Only to find myself in an exam hall writing an exam for God knows which subject. Fear gripped me like never before, panic and confusion all around.Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!! Then I realized that I am somehow beyond this stage... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Ah! the warm bed, the mosquitoes, the street light poring in its orange glow... my room... home... holidays \m/ \m/

Can't one just wake up from a nightmare into the right stream of consciousness??