Rollback Nightmare

Ever heard of a rollback nightmare? Nope?? Neither have I. Until now, cuz I made it up.

My first day at home, in my old room, on my familiar bed .. and I had to wake up at 5:30 AM thanks to the rollback nightmare. Ok, let me explain.

The nightmare went something like this. There's this character in the TV show L.O.S.T called Charlie (Now, the last time I saw the show was almost 3 months back, but it still came in my dream O.o) and he was explaining to the Indian military, what he was doing in some jungle in Sri Lanka and why aliens had come to kill "us all". It was like Charlie was in some jungle and the military suddenly descended on him. I unfortunately was like a ghost hovering around this entire scene pissing in my pants. Then suddenly Charlie starts singing the "You are everybody" song and that's when I decided that all this must be a dream and I had to wake up. So.. wake up I did!! Only to find myself in an exam hall writing an exam for God knows which subject. Fear gripped me like never before, panic and confusion all around.Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!! Then I realized that I am somehow beyond this stage... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Ah! the warm bed, the mosquitoes, the street light poring in its orange glow... my room... home... holidays \m/ \m/

Can't one just wake up from a nightmare into the right stream of consciousness??


  1. Oh man. I hate waking up like that. I've had a few bad nightmares myself, and it's not a nice way to wake up. Writing about it helps though, doesn't it? :)

  2. Hmmmm, writing doesn't help really cuz i seem to forget them within a couple of minutes. On the other hand it does give me something to blog about in my hols :D

  3. hahah!!! If u were not to wake up, u could sleep again n continue with the nightmare to find out if u had passed the exam or not:P, hehe!!

  4. Hahahaha, I doubt I wud've been able to pass, considering how shit scared I was O.o