[If you ever find out who wrote this, do let me know]

You decided at a young age that love wasn't something you wanted to get messed up in, just like the way i thought about drugs. We've both had a few close calls, but nothing major. Nothing life changing.

Friends for sale don't interest you. It's give and take and you do neither. I wonder at how figured out you seem to think you have youself. Let my sentence structure fuck you up. This is just a story about love, anyway. Nothing you'd want to touch.

It's hard to choke yourself when your body focuses on breathing so hard. Holding your breath from the day you get out of this stifling town. Imagine what it's like to be me; I came here years before you and I'll leave here after you.

Years down the road, you and I will never meet. We will never pass by in the street and recognize the new lines in an old face.
I'm going to go ahead and force myself into your veins. I'm going to go make it so you never forget that I was alive. Close your eyes, I bet my image won't decay. Press my lips to your cheek and whisper that this is it.

I had the courage to do so long ago. Back when the ice wasn't so frozen, my blood shook up like a million tiny pinpricks under my skin. This will happen again. The clock is shattered but it ticks for both of us.

Back when you were younger, you promised never to get mixed up in someone like me. Someone who would try to wrap you up in the tangled tape from a mix she made, someone whose veins pump something other than normal.

Talk one more time and I swear I'll shoot.

This is me with my trigger finger tensed.

Supercorp Part1 - A New Story!

Hi folks!

Just to let you know that I uploaded my latest story on 'Word On Canvas'. My blog where I put up my stories and (hopefully) better non-timepass stuff.

Here's the link:

Hope you like it, and do leave your comments.

Thanks n adios for now!

Full Circle

A recent magazine survey showed that the average age at which Indians loose their virginity is 16. Ok, its not that low among people I personally know, but still its a figure to think about?

Wasn't child marriage (and hence Indians kids losing their virginity at age 14-16, you should read Ghandiji's 'My Experiments With Truth' for example) a staple thing in the 1800's???

Didn't people like Raja Ramohan Roy and Ghandiji do something about it?

But off late with the permeation of western culture into Indian society, more and more kids are experimenting with sex at a younger age... only this time without the security (or is bondage a better word?) of marriage.

Have we come full circle???

On Perceived Reality

Do lemme know why Pi=3.14159265358979323846… the question is WHY? Is there even a reason?

Wonder how a circle would look like if Pi=10 ??? Some kind of 3 dimensional oval??