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I've always loved Electronic Music, but trance well, not so much.. till I found this site! Now somehow I want to get through this entire list of sub-generes:
Note: \m/ implies previous affiliations. Yea metalheads, I'm borrowing 'your' symbol.
Vocal Trance
Tech House
PsyChill \m/
Chillout Dreams \m/
Club Sounds
Electro House
Soulful House
Classic EuroDance
Chillout \m/
Lounge \m/
Disco House
Classic Trance
Ambient \m/ \m/
Goa-Psy Trance \m/ \m/ \m/
Drum 'n' Bass
Hard Core
Exposure NYC
Funky House
Tribal House
Hard Dance
Space Music \m/
DJ Mixes
Oldschool Electronica
Future Synthpop \m/
It wasn't too long back that I thought that all trance/disco music only went 'ub chick ub chick ub chick'

U2 - Stand Up Comedy: Line By Line Walk-Through

'Stand Up Comedy' is the 7th track(listen) of U2's No Line On The Horizon. It wasn't a single, it isn't on anybody's favourites list nor is it a critically appreciated song. But it sort of summarizes a whole amalgam of ideas in one sweet place. I'll try to break it down.

Most Importantly-
1. I could be wrong. I might be seeing too much into it.
2. I don't care, because I'm having fun
3. I'll try not to look at the song from Bono's point of view, rather, try to adopt a more generalist view

So, lets begin...

Love love love love love
Love love love love love
[Bono being Bono]

I got to stand up and take a step
You and I have been asleep for hours
[The need to wake up and stop living life like a dream]
I got to stand up
The wire is stretched in between our two towers
[People are like towers with only a thin connection akin to a wire between them]
Stand up in this dizzy world
[Fast paced life, computers, smart phones and every other shenanigan you can think of]
Where a lovesick eye can steal the view
[A greedy person can get everyone's attention-by any means. Hence the use of negative words]
I'm gonna fall down if I can't stand up
For your love
[The idea that standing up for something or someone is what will get one through life]

Love love love love love
[Bono being Bono]

Stand up, this is comedy
The DNA lottery may have left you smart
[Humans have just got lucky to be blessed with a brain. There's a necessity to use it wisely]
But can you stand up to beauty, dictator of the heart
[Probably the best line by Bono-Ever. More on this in another post]
I can stand up for hope, faith, love
[Stuff worth standing up for]
But while I'm getting over certainty
Stop helping God across the road like a little old lady
[Again a brilliant line by Bono. Using the anti-metaphor of an Old Lady for organised religion. The line is a warning not to fall for false prophets and ideologies while on the path to excepting the impermanence of life i.e. dealing with changes or difficulties]

Out from under your beds
C'mon ye people
Stand up for your love
[Exhortation! Lol]
Love love love love love
[Bono being Bono]

I gotta stand up to ego but my ego's not really the enemy
It's like a small child crossing an eight lane highway
On a voyage of discovery
[The understanding that ego shouldn't take up as much 'space' as it always does. Also, the idea that the 'I' is more a changing, fluid entity which gets moulded along the journey. To have a strong ego and suffering as a cause being stuck ought not to bog one down]

Stand up to rock stars, Napolean is in high heels
Josephine, be careful of small men with big ideas
[rock stars = Bono. Napolean=Bono. Josephine=Groupies??? Or maybe you and me. Bono is probably trying to be self-deprecating here. The high heels refer to being taller than what one really is!]

Out from under your beds
C'mon ye people
Stand up for your love
[More Exhortations!]
Love love love love love
[Bono being Bono]

God is love
And love is evolution's very best day
[God is love. No comments because I don't understand it completely. The second line would probably derive from the above that God can be achieved a.k.a evolution in this case by following the path of 'Love' - probably universal Love, but hey it might just be a scam]

Soul rockin' people moving on
Soul rockin' people on and on
C'mon ye people
We're made of stars
[Literal or metaphorical? Your guess is as good as mine. Might also mean the permeation of pop culture into people's psyches where individuals lose their individuality replacing their originality with socially acceptable personalities and thought patterns]
C'mon ye people
Stand up then sit down for your love
[Odd line. Probably having to do with jumping about in a concert. Or, maybe the foresight to know when to 'stand up' for something and when to 'sit down'('let go')]

Love love love love love
Love love love love love
[Bono being Bono]

There, I'm a fanboy now :\

As an afterthought, this is a really interesting article about The Edge's guitar effect which a good friend passed along.

Peace _/\_