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An Old Woman, The MTC and Me

The MTC as you might know is the Metropolitan Transport Corporation providing transport for 1000's of Chennaites including those among us who are fortunate enough to be able to afford a Rs.120-150 movie ticket(occasionally) but not fortious enough to have a chauffeur driven car.
There is always a sense of bonding among the people traveling in these kings of the city roads, a bond of brotherhood, comradeship and a sense of adjustment that lasts as long as your journey does. But less so for the pretty ladies.. because they are, well .. pretty ladies and so also for those of fair complexion and wearing a t-shirt, maybe its the anti-hindi under current or maybe its just the appearance of a seeming stranger much unlike the working class that populace the bus. It was on one of these days, when an almost 'once-in-a-life-time' opportunity of sitting down opened up before me. But lo! approached a deserving old lady with her little granddaughter, asking for the seat. My legs of course knew they could take the strain of holding on for a few more stops, and after their gracious go-ahead, I gladly asked the lady to take the seat. No, this wasn't your usual "thank you, you saved my life" kinda situation. The old lady simply sat down and stared out the window. But as I turned around to look at my co-passengers, the look of horror across their face was undeniable. I had given up a seat.
I had sinned. Or had I?