Cheeky Tanjore Rock Artists

Every time I try my hand at some form of 'art', I'm always tempted to leave behind some Easter eggs. Be it some hidden message(there are quite a few on this blog if you look hard enough!) , random bits of code, an out-of-place diagram, anything.

Then one day while watching a documentary on the great Tanjore (Thanjavur) Temples I realised I wasn't alone.

The below is a picture of a embossed saint meditating
This appears quite prominently on the rock surface where it is found. Simple enough.

The below is a picture of a Cat meditating, with some mice looking up to it which appears at the bottom of the rock surface and is of a smaller size than the saint
Now we all know what will happen when the cat stops meditating, its definitely going to be hungry!
Talk about the warning of following a holy man blindly!!

What really amazes me is that both these rock carvings are found on the same wall in Tanjavur. Now we can never be certain if this was sneaked in or was officially authorised. Nonetheless these sculptures sure had a way of getting their point across.

Respect _/\_