Inspired Man

Joseph was at his wit's end. He was 39 years old, unmarried and living on a waiter's salary. He didn't have any savings and was barely making his ends meet.

It so happened that Joseph was a brilliant musician but not a very successful one at that. He had a couple of critically acclaimed album releases in his early 20's but they hadn't really taken off in the charts. It wasn't soon before his label and band mates dropped him. But Bernard had pressed on..

Joseph now had a one of chance to prove his worth. He had been given the chance to write a song for an upcoming big budget movie. The story was a love story about 2 lovers who never saw each other but yet had fallen deeply in love with each other. Bernard worked day and night on his song. He toiled to write a love song like nothing before. He spent many days and sleepless night pouring his heart and soul into the song till the song reflected his entire existence. It was Bernard's masterpiece.. and he knew it! After much thought he named the song "Love Boat River", a metaphor for everything that life was to him. He proudly submitted the song to his producers and started his long wait.. to fame and stardom!...

In some bar,

Person 1: What is this shit?
Person 2: Its a new song man, "Love Boat River"
Person 3: Haha, what a stupid name. What senseless loser gave it such a name. And it sure has a weird tune. Its nothing like the other romance songs. There's something missing in this yaar, a sense of melody and beat
Person 2: But its so unique and new. I kinda like it!
Person 1: You have bad taste and c'mon you always like stuff which no one else likes. Its just your way of being 'cool' isn't it?
Person 2: Umm, umm.. yea.. lol ..
Person 3: Bah, what a shitty chorus. Why do they even play such songs on the radio. Bad pathetic music. I wonder when the next Bieber song will come on, at least it has an awesome melody........................

"Love Boat River" stopped coming on the radio within a week of its release.

I wonder what happened to Joseph's soul..