The Crappiest Story EVER!!!


Me: I solemnly swear that I shall not edit any part of this blog entry and is an accurate representation of the author's original writing

Here Goes,

One day Billy Boo went up to Mr.Pump and asked if his toast crumbs had been repaired.Mr.Pump said that the rocket ship still needed to be installed and that the chicken engine was dead.Billy Boo was shocked and screamed,"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!Not my chicken Cocoa he and i were supposed to eat Mrs.Chicken Aloo Tiki together!!!!!".Billy ran home to his pet worm and cried out,"Now who is gonna peck my back,whos is gonna give me bird flu and who is gonna run into the level 10 hazard area with me!!!!!!!"(sob sob sob).The worm then turned into the grim reaper and said that he would pose as a chicken only if he sacrificed a rock to him.Billy thought hard and wondered if he could give up his rock,his second most favourite thing in the world.

Will Billy give the rock,will he find a new friend and will this story ever make sense?

All this and more in The Crappiest Story EVER!!!!

TO BE CONTINUED..............

By: Ghosface Smeller!