When Is It Time?

When you're young, you don't have the money

When you have the money, you don't have the time

When do you have both?

When you do have both, make sure you have health

The "Cool Uncle" Oath

A reaction to people around me getting married.

Now repeat after me:

"I solemly swear that I shall always be upto no good in your eyes.
I solemly swear to teach your children the wrong things in life.
I solemly swear to always be cooler than you.
I solemly swear to uphold the idea of youth even when I have wrinkles and white hair.
I solemly swear that I'll be the one you turn to when you need to handle the real, "real world".
I solemly swear to always be that Cool Uncle that all parents hate to love."

When an old man said "Thank You"

It was a hot summer evening in Bangalore when I decided to walk the 5km from my office to my residence. On reaching there I was a tad lazy (ok, I am always lazy) to use the stairs to reach our 8th floor apartment and decided to use the lift. At the entrance, there stood an old couple whom I had never seen before. Most likely in their late 60's to early 70's it seemed as if they had just enjoyed a tiring walk around the building and wanted a ride up to their floor in the lift.

When the lift door opened at the ground floor I got on the lift after the couple, lost in my own thoughts, almost oblivious to their presence. I reached out across the old to press the "8" button and subconciously noticed that the "1" button was also glowing. The lift door then slowly closed and there ensued that tension when strangers are stuck together in a lift for what always seems like eternity.

When the indicator in the lift showed "1" the old man made a quick a gesture to his wife to stand near the door and the moment the door opened he gently pushed her out. Before exiting the lift himself, he did the strangest thing.. he wished me "Thank You" before walking out. Now he had my attention...

On reaching home I asked my roomates what might have been his motivation in thanking me and I got a myraid of answers

"I watch too many movies" Mr.Pooka: Maybe he had a fight with his wife and thanked you for stopping it :P

Cynical Selva: Maybe he is actually senile and mistook you for a lift operator?

Socailly Concious Me: Maybe he is afraid of modern youth and thanked me for not mugging him or groping his wife. Or maybe he just thanked me for being able to simply tolerating their presence.....

Maybe I'll never understand old people..


Laika was the first animal in space. Glorified as one of the greatest feats of modern times, Laika's journey to complete space was a triumphant crown on Soviet Russia's various feats edifying communism and its potential to lead mankind into a new era....

.... but did you know that Laika never made it back to planet Earth and was left to drift forever into deep space?