The Thoughts To Success

We all compete regularly in life, sometimes forcibly and sometime willingly. From my own experience, these are the sort of thoughts that go on in my mind during different stages of 'succeeding'. On noticing that they usually form a pattern, I thought it might be a good idea to put them down here..

"Oh Crap! everyone here is so fu***** good at it. Compared to them, I 'm pathetic! Damn, this is bad I got to do something... and fast!!! Ok ok, calm down. Firstly, I got nothing to lose. Might as well just throw myself in the deep end and try my best. If I do well then well and good, else at least I'll know I tried hard. And If they don't like my best then its just too bad..."

"Eh? What just happened?? I was congratulated for doing a good job!! Wooohoo!!! I actually can do something. Hahaha! Awesomeness!!"

"I rule, I rule, I rule!! Muhahahahahha. This has all become to easy now.. how stupid was I in thinking that this was all some hugely complex thing..."

"Damn, such simple tasks. This is getting boring........"

"WTF just happened? I screwed up. Big time :( This is such a huge loss to everyone. Shit, they weren't so simple after all. Why did I get so careless and over confident. Stupid me, stupid me.. hope I get another chance...."

"Ok, now I DEFINITELY can't f*** this up. If I do, I'm screwed.. badly...."

"Hmmmm, hard work but rewarding work. Now I see how to improve. This might take a while. Hmmmm, at least I won't get bored! Now I realize how difficult all this really is and the real level at which these people are. I was so shortsighted initially. Stupid me again, but guess I'm learning"

"Wow, folks are actually asking ME for help now. I must be doing SOMETHING right"

"WHAT!!!!!!! Something New!!?? Noooooooooo, not when I was really getting good at it! Hmmm, but then again maybe this an opportunity to learn new things. Hope I don't make my previous mistakes again!"

... and hopefully its a happy story hereafter :D

Image courtesy- Anita's Blog

The End Of The World Poll

So, there was some talk going on about the world ending in 2012 and all that and everyone around started discussing the apocalypse and all that and then people started discussing the last few days of the world and all that when I innocently asked..

"Dude, what would you do if you knew the world was going to end"

.. and the answer to this question was overwhelmingly similar across so many groups...

Friend 1:"Ob, lose my virginity"

Friend 2:"F*** as much as possible"

Friend 3:"Get laid, what else?"

K-Sama:"Adu ellam nadakadu da, naan iruken ille?"
[Translation: "That N all won't happen, I am there no?]

Yea right, you promised India wouldn't lose yesterday's match, but see what happened? Sachin's 175 all for nothing :|

Friend 4:"I'll build an underground shelter complete with lead
lining to protect me from the radiation that will be caused due to all the unguarded nukes that would go off ....."

Finally! Someone with something moderately sensible to say

"...and then I will invite all the supermodels in the world to come stay with me if they want to be saved from the holocaust!!"

[I hit my head, dumbfounded]

Well, so I guess Sigmund Freud was right after all. Theres no stopping the natural impetus. This last pic says it all :D
[Note:This was asked to a predominantly male group, wonder what the fairer sex would have to say about it.. hmmmm....]

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