The Girl Who Made Heads Turn

[Disclaimer: Morbid Shit]

She stood there by the side of the road, a lonely figure with a green top and a black jean. From the moment I turned the street I noticed her, unable to take my eyes of her. As I drew closer, she noticed me too and tossed her hair to one side and looked at me and for a moment there our eyes locked. It was just the two of us now alone in that moment full of possibility, like a time locked oasis where nothing there that could touch us or ever come between us. I was aware simply of her beauty, her grace and her poise and knew at once that she was the one I was to be with. It felt as if my heart was torn asunder and laid plainly at her feet. I only realised that something was terribly wrong only as her expression changed from one of surprise and then to that of shock as I hit the ground hard while riding at 70 kilometers per hour. My last thoughts that I can remember simply screamed out "Damn that bloody murderess..."

[On 2nd thoughts, maybe you've seen this in some damn movie but wthell]