The Honk and The Yawn

A Honk is one of the most common sounds a city-dweller gets to hear. Especially if you live at the junction of many roads, the honks coming in from various directions seem to almost behave like a music instrument with 4.0 surround sounds. Ok, that was an exaggeration, but there was this 1 advertisement where auto drivers create music just by honking, or was that some movie? Blah


The honk....

The thing is, honking behaves a lot like yawning, especially at signals when there is a HUGE line of traffic, the light just turns green and the big-ass truck blocking every one's way refuses to budge. A simple lil honk from the last vehicle in line becomes a deluge of honk's from every other vehicle waiting in line!! Its not that the poor truck wants to not move. Whats the point in honking anyway?

Common points between the 2

1. Both are contagious

2. Both arrive out of a sense of desperation (Yawning:Sleep :: Honking:"Get the f*** outta my way)

3. Both are extremely addictive, you do it once and u'll want to do it again n again for that session at least

4. Both are evil and annoying


The yawn...

P.S. I found this when I googled 'You'.. muhahahahahahahahahaha!!

The Peasant

Meet the peasant a.k.a the common man....

He looks smart doesn't he? N also kinda cute (in a cartoony sense of course) But you could say he also seems a bit nitwitty. Someone for whom ignorance is bliss, or is it??

The peasant worked hard, very hard indeed. He did as he was told and in time told others what to do as well. He carried out his responsibilities well, took care of those around him, paid his taxes and drank tea.

But somewhere along the way, the common man became intelligent. He realized how to play the game, how to beat his competitors as well as his bosses. He learnt how to make easy money, for people made money of him. He discovered that the world isn't a fair place and that rules were meant to be broken and he too had become smart enough to break them. He had the knowledge and the tools to become the God of his own life.

But the common man faltered. The peasant in him was strong, strong indeed. He also knew that there lay great happiness in the simple. A life with his family, friends and relatives. A life of daily prayer of movies and smiles. One of enjoying the simple things in everyday life like the visits of relatives, of playing with his kids and of eating out in his favourite diner. It would be a good life indeed. One of contentment, peace and joy. One of ignorance and failure, one of relative poverty and ogling at the fancy cars that paced the streets. One of wondering what the all the rich and interesting people did in those huge mansions of theirs. One of being unknowingly exploited and never realizing one's true potential. One of paying his taxes and drinking tea.

But before he can decide who he really is.. its always too late.....