The Shakey Rays (As in chill, its their trip)

The Shakey Rays is (not 'are', I made that mistake too) a rock 'n roll band from Chennai whose music I've grown to enjoy a lot these past few days. From experience, I've learnt that listening to 'soft' music for the first time in a crowded city bus when you're being jammed between 2 fat smelly men is a bad idea, but that was exactly when I heard the bands new effort Tunes From The Big Belly for the 1st time and I just didn't get what all the hue and cry was all about.

However, I was inclined to give the album another listen simply because the members are famous for statements such as....

Vikram Kannan: "As in chill, its their trip" (On almost being molested by a eunuch on the street)
Dhruva: "I'm the most eligible bachelor in Alwarpet"
Rohit Ramachandran (their shrink) on 'The Shakey Rays': "Hedonists"

....and give it a good listen I did. Verdict? effing brilliant!

There's never a dull moment on the album right from start to finish. Filled with Beatles'esque melodies, inventive guitaring and perfect rhythms the songs are precise and make for easy listening at all times. As is apparent from a few hearings, a lot of thought has gone into the lyrics which as their shrink mentioned comes from them having 'bottling up' for a long time (allegorative in the album cover)

Although it may not be prudent for a track by track analysis, I must emphasize that the songs here are some of the best I've heard- Ever. They seem to appeal to that part of you that is joyous and free owing to the upbeat vocal style, 'it keeps playing in my head' type catchy choruses and the quirky guitar playing. Being a sucker for falsetto singing, I greatly enjoyed the vocal harmonies as well.

Definitely a 9/10 album for me, but don't take my word for it. Download their album Tunes From The Big Belly for free here and check it out for yourselves!

Oh! And do invite them to headline your college festivals. They pinky swear not to steal your girlfriends.

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