If There Were A God Him/Her/It Ought To Be Called Google

My heart almost skipped a beat when one day my comp did not start. Three years worth of work and loads of other crap was on it. Mine being a Compaq Presario V3149AU and HP having bought Compaq, I diligently gave the laptop to the dealer from whom I had purchased it, after which the dealer diligently returned it to me with the news that my motherboard was screwed and the replacement would cost 18K.

Yes, 18K (18K 18K 18K 18K 18K .... Echo effect)

Stuff you should know

1. Same problem had happened 5 months back when the lappy was under WARRANTY, and after getting it fixed I didn't bother with the technicalities, happy that the lappy was working

2. WARRANTY had expired now.

It was needless to say that my dad was mad, mom even more. I tried blaming some random physics theory, but to no avail of course.

As I was seeing all hopes of getting my lappy fixed, there Lo! and Behold!! I Googled the previous error and like Prometheus being handed the knowledge of fire, google presented before me


A community of fellow people, who had braved to battle the devil before. With their experience, knowledge and wise advise, I uncovered the apochalyptic plans of HP to fleece its customers.
The failure of my lappy was one of a list of problems for which the company provided an extended WARRANTY of TWO years from the date of purchase, but had conveniently chosen to not intimate its customers about it and I was still within the extend warranty period.


18K Begone Begone Begone Begone .... Echo effect again :P