U.Sidharth Bhat.. and thats not even my name!!

Its really really weird when you realize that the name you go by was never really your name. 'U.Sidharth Bhat' is the name I identify myself with and proudly wear on badges... and its not even mine.

I went to apply for my passport the other day and for the first time had a close look at the official certificates relating to me. And here is what I came to know...

I was born with the name Siddhartha Bhatt and till class 10 believed myself to be U.Siddharth Bhat. One day in my class 10, my parents suddenly announced that the extra 'd' has been removed from my name (numerological reasons is what they said), but conveniently forgot to inform me that I no longer had the surname 'Bhat' attached to my name!!

And for the NEXT SIX YEARS, I thought myself to be U.Sidharth Bhat, which only today I came to realize to not be the case.

I AM ... Ullal Sidharth!! Vola!!! my name...and I never knew it O.o

Now, go on laugh all you want, one day something like this will happen to you as well .. and then you'll know.GM