Left To Right

[Note: Pure Randomness]

Is the English language intelligently designed?? Why do we read a sentence from left to right??

Usually, the subject of a sentence comes at the beginning. And the subject is usually a name, place concept etc, something ideal to be imagined by the Right Brain. Now, since a sentence in English is read from left to right, the left eye is used for reading the first part of the sentence (Please don't question this, but there are numerous exercises to prove that the brain has a tendency to do these things, ask Google..) which is hot wired to the Right Brain -optimal for 'imagining' the things that the subject of a sentence is made up of!!

And by the time the entire sentence is read, towards the right side of your viewing apparatus(screen,paper etc) by the right eye, the Left Brain is more used to recognize to letters and hence the brain as a whole is able to make sense of what the sentence is really trying to say.

With this weird little theory in mind.. is Arabic at a disadvantage??