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[NOTE: T2 can bring out the cynic in you ;( ]


[Note: This is a short story with Ravi as the 'central' character]

used to
She had left Ravi had lost his Job

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Piece Of Mind

Let me start with a premise here: "If there is something important that you stopped paying attention to, then what you care about has become stable, taken for granted or has become obsolete"

With this is mind, I would like to bring to your attention the attitude of today's youth towards politics. Most of us don't care about it, universally dubbing anything remotely related to politics as being "corrupt" or "inefficient". Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the only age in history where the YOUTH have started to NOT CARE ABOUT POLITICS. Be it during the time of Hitler, Marxism our our very own struggle for freedom, it was the youth that was the backbone of the political process.

So, if we do not care about the political process and carelessly assign negative attributes to create excuses for our ignorance... going by my initial premise, have we not created paradise??

Have we reached a stable political climate (Looking at it in a long term and philosophical perspective and not taking into account the squabbles of the political parties..) where the common man is (generally) satisfied with the government to take it for granted. Has democracy won???

Phew, that's as short as I can make it. This can be an endless issue otherwise..

[Note: Politics is never perfect and probably never will be. So long as people are dying of hunger, diseases and for the sake of ideologies, struggles for power will exits. But I think we are more or less on the right track. I do also sincerely believe that the youth have to be interested in politics in order to keep a check on those in power. Its a rule BY the People and FOR the PEOPLE after all]


Most Quizzes have a connect question where the link between the three pictures has to be revealed. Here's one for you :P


(2- This guy Sharan)


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Left To Right

[Note: Pure Randomness]

Is the English language intelligently designed?? Why do we read a sentence from left to right??

Usually, the subject of a sentence comes at the beginning. And the subject is usually a name, place concept etc, something ideal to be imagined by the Right Brain. Now, since a sentence in English is read from left to right, the left eye is used for reading the first part of the sentence (Please don't question this, but there are numerous exercises to prove that the brain has a tendency to do these things, ask Google..) which is hot wired to the Right Brain -optimal for 'imagining' the things that the subject of a sentence is made up of!!

And by the time the entire sentence is read, towards the right side of your viewing apparatus(screen,paper etc) by the right eye, the Left Brain is more used to recognize to letters and hence the brain as a whole is able to make sense of what the sentence is really trying to say.

With this weird little theory in mind.. is Arabic at a disadvantage??

U.Sidharth Bhat.. and thats not even my name!!

Its really really weird when you realize that the name you go by was never really your name. 'U.Sidharth Bhat' is the name I identify myself with and proudly wear on badges... and its not even mine.

I went to apply for my passport the other day and for the first time had a close look at the official certificates relating to me. And here is what I came to know...

I was born with the name Siddhartha Bhatt and till class 10 believed myself to be U.Siddharth Bhat. One day in my class 10, my parents suddenly announced that the extra 'd' has been removed from my name (numerological reasons is what they said), but conveniently forgot to inform me that I no longer had the surname 'Bhat' attached to my name!!

And for the NEXT SIX YEARS, I thought myself to be U.Sidharth Bhat, which only today I came to realize to not be the case.

I AM ... Ullal Sidharth!! Vola!!! my name...and I never knew it O.o

Now, go on laugh all you want, one day something like this will happen to you as well .. and then you'll know.GM

People from Bangalore CANNOT cross the road properly!

For sure!!

[Note: A seat just above the tyre going bumpity - bump, on a bus next to the window, noise cancellation earphones, beautiful scenery (both inside and outside of the bus :D), pleasant weather and a cool breeze sure is \m/ \m/]


[Note:Absolute vela'ness]

ROFL = Rolling on floor laughing

ROTFL = Rolling on the floor laughing

ROTFFL = Rolling on the f***** floor laughing

ROTFFLMAO = Rolling on the f***** floor laughing my a** out

ROTFFLMAOTID = Rolling on the f***** floor laughing my a** out till I died

ROTFFLMAOTIDAWTHWGSLAW = Rolling on the f***** floor laughing my a** out till I died and went to heaven where God started laughing as well

Ok, I'll stop now...

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Gandhiji And Pakistan

As a little child completely head over heels in love with cricket, a rare book by Vijay Merchant was a huge treat. And there was a story in the book that I will never forget....

Once Vijay Merchant had played a cricket match against the British which Ghandhiji had attended. At the end of the match, the entire Indian team had a chance to meet Ghandiji. Now, it so happened that Vijay Merchant's sister had asked him to get the autographs of the English team, which he had done. Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity of taking Ghandhiji's autograph as well, Merchant gave the same book to Ghandhiji to sign.

On receiving the book, Ghandhiji casually flipped through the book and on finding the autographs of the English players, listed himself as an additional member of the English cricket team and wrote his signature there. He told merchant that he wanted people to understand the difference between the British people and the British government. He brought to light that his struggle was only against the British government and its policies and not against the common folk of Britain.

Maybe it is important for us to have the same attitude towards Pakistanis...

Is India's disunity actually a source of strength?

[Note: What I have written is just an idea. I do not personally believe that inaction of any sort is a good thing. But coming from an economics background I cannot but resist this train of logic]

There was a recent article in the Economic Times about how unstable India's borders really are. There is the long drawn LTTE conflict in Sri Lanka, the rebellion in Bangladesh, Pakistan's shaky democracy, Maoist Nepal and last but not the least China's long dark shadow. Inspite of such a chaotic border, terrorism and various other problems, India is stil managing good economic growth. And good economic growth is a sure sign of stabilty both politically and socially.

How then is India managing inspite of all these problems? What is it that keeps people moving even with such tough obstacles? One of the factors, at least to my mind, is the extreme diversity that India possesses. The attitude of "Someone else's problem" may actually be a good thing here with each individual caring more for their own locality and community. Even if there is a problem in some part of India, the rest of the nation does not pick sides and take up arms for a cause, rather it goes on surviving and building a better tomorrow. It is probably this attitude that stopped the Gujrat riots from spreading all over the country, or the Tamil agitations leading to a fall of the central government. Why! people in the north have no idea what the whole Tamil movement was about!!!

India is a country where the local language changes every 400 kilometers and an emotional and cultural integration is almost an impossibility. But the common thread binding such a diverse collection of people is the idea of a stable and free India. Whatever the problem may be, the Indian psyche is programmed to accept that it shall soon pass and that tomorrow will be a better day. It may be that the day this complacency breaks is the day when true paranoia will spread among the masses and the riots that Gandhiji and others were fearful of, during the time of partition will truly unleash itself.
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I lay down in bed and stared. At the wall that lay in front of my eyes which used to be yellow once, but now had turned a burnt brown for my very existence had caused it to decay. The number of times I had rested my feet on it, thrown dirty clothes and it. Allowed a 22 day old,sweaty, jogging shirt to remain pressed against it for hours, one that would have made even the dirtiest of rooms to acquire a new texture to put off the olfactory senses.

There I lay wondering. If entropy is indeed the master of all, and if that is so. What is it that we as human beings are trying to achieve by bringing order into this Earth? Leaving all practicalities aside, let us delve into  the aesthetic nature of order. Does man as a species. Seek to justify his own twisted sense of beauty by creating a logical flow to things? For if perfection is to be achieved, is it not a pointless pursuit for time will destroy it eventually???

But yet I did drag myself out of bed.  And slowly start putting the books back in order. After a torturous set of exams, the very books who's every word seemed to admonish the death of you were but a flaked memory. Of a night spent in desperation and the mornings - a sense of dreaded doom, waiting for the hammer to strike down on the anvil, with you stuck in between. So, for what reason did I have to pick up those very books and place them back on the shelf. I asked myself. And the reason was perfection, order and symmetry.

Man maybe a mortal entity, who's individual stream of consciousness (at least on a 3-Dimensional plane) is a chaotic mess of interconnected thoughts with chronic fluctuations as fleeting as the ticking of the seconds hand. Like the one a wall clock. But still we want a sense a order and purpose. Comforting us of our control over the very environment whose very nature is. To demean our false sense of impermanency. Yet, we fight against it, hoping to somehow, only if temporarily to satisfy our sense of symmetry. But in our quest to achieve balance and go against the forces of chaos that strives to pull everything. We fail to understand that our efforts to put the universe back in order, to create symmetry and uphold our sense of beauty is but aiding in its ultimate destruction. As the saying goes "The bigger they are, the harder they fall" so too is all our efforts, doomed inevitably but because of our actions  only a bigger, stronger and more stupendous..  horrific doom.... remember nuclear weapons? Don't they all have to decay or go boom EVENTUALLY???

But to strive for perfection is our very nature, for through those perfect moments is where our divinity shine through. It is through those few 'Perfections'(if I may use the word) That we are we able to touch a higher plane, a better plane where God is one step nearer and all that the world has to offer is but a faded blur. Like my humble room, that had then become quite clean really, and looking at it proudly lifted my spirits up. An elation that made me immortal to myself for a few seconds, but which was a lifetime for an electron trapped in its hydrogenic cell, spinning in the sun...

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