The Wall

There is a wall, it keeps me safe
There is a wall, it knows me well

I know the wall, it can't break me
I know the wall, for thats all I can see

It is old, but always new
For the bricks are sound, but it is the nature of sound is to change

I saw the wall when I was but a toddler
My friend, my companion, my brother, my lover

It was large and colossal
A lifetime of exploration, for me to believe in

My wished source of livelihood, for the wall needs its bricks
But the wall was not important, cuz it didn't feed
It was taken for granted, for it gave more than it took
But it was always there, for every one wanted it, every one needed it

Like a drug it entered me
Under my skin and through the nose
It brought out the shivers, it brought out cold
It gave me the sense of young and old

I try to run, I try to hide
But it's always there, my own little sin
In my blood, its in my stride
A wall to keep me out, The Wall to keep me in

Cooking ideas

1. Mixture with sweet curd(The mixture has to be 4rm grand sweets!! Just the right amount of curd and u have a smacker!)

2.Jam between marie biscuits (i tght of this way b4 jim jam)

3.sauce rice.. yes tomato sauce.. do temme what u thnk abt it :X