Living With Grace, Living With Efficiency

Everyday morning, I make myself a small cup of coffee. I try to buy the milk a day before whereas the coffee powder and sugar stay on longer. I cut open the milk packet and pour how much ever milk I want into the cup and from there pour it onto the pan yes, Pan!) for boiling. I then pour some coffee powder and sugar into the cup, waiting for the milk to boil.

And there is a dilemna I face everyday - "What do I do when the milk is boiling?"

1. Read the news on my smartphone
2. Go set up hot water for bath
3. Make your bed/fold your clothes
4. Make a "To-Do" List
5. Check/Reply to E-Mail
6. Do Surya-Namaskar etc You get the picture


1. Feel the warmth of the morning sun on your face
2. Take a deep breath and enjoy the gradually increasing traffic outside
3. Experience the early morning stillness
4. Be mindfull and thankfull for the wonders of science, economics, labour etc that go into preparing the coffee

Turns out, this is a major issue that nobody is aware off. Busy people are told to 'slow down', 'prepare for the ever changing nature of life', meditate and to experience the 'power of now' whereas dreamers and sensors are told to 'stop being lazy', 'don't waste time' etc etc

Turns out, all such dilemnas have seem to have a simple clever solution - find balance! Easier said that done right? I've noticed that broadly people tend to have a firm preferance for one or the other and with age develop an appreciation for the other side. However, those who fully embrace both sides (and find balance!) are exceptionally lucky and gifted. If you know such a person or are one, please let me know.. or better still .. do write a book!

Why Call Him Greg?

Random wonderings on a Sunday morning..

In BBC's Sherlock in the episode The Hounds Of Baskerville there is a little clipping where inspector Lestrade's real name is mentioned. Below is the clip:

Its Greg! Sure Conan Doyle does mention that Lestrade's first name starts with a G, but could it so be that Steven Moffat is poking fun at none other then Gregory House (from House M.D) by comparing Lestrade, obviously of an inferior intellect than that of Sherlock's to Hugh Laurie's much loved character?