No Rules!

I have this t-shirt with me since class 10 which I cherish a lot. Its a simple white tee with a little blue thrown around here and there. Here's what it meant it to me over the years

Class 10- Awesome t-shirt! This is gonna make me look cool!!

Class 12- No Rules, No Rules... Hey! its a contradiction. If 'No Rules' itself is a rule, its breaking itself! Ha, now who else would've thought of that eh? I sure am Smart

College- Man, what an awesome colour combination this t-shirt has and a great tag line branded with it. I should push for this to be the theme for the cultural festival's site. And 'No Rules', wow, what a simple and effective caption its gonna be!

Now- Yay! I fit into it again. My tummy's gone right back in! w00t!! :)

The Boon

boon-blessing: a desirable state; "enjoy the blessings of peace";

Ravi sat and stared into space for what seemed like eternity. His entire body was numb with inaction, unable to create any kind of excuse to move. He stared blankly at the wall for so long that the wall itself seemed to move all by itself, twisting a little, sliding a little. It was only when he blinked that the wall returned to normal only to start swaying again in a few seconds. Walls always seem to behave this way when the mind is adamant on staying blank.

Ravi had given up.

After what seemed like an eternity, Ravi suddenly sensed something stirring in him. It was a deep and powerful feeling of having been here before and done this before. A familiar feeling of safety and comfort of being in his mother's arms as a small child was what he could recognise as he drifted away into a state of half sleep....

"It is said that everyone is born with divinity in them and when taken to the maximum potential one can even become One with the divine. Irrespective of past actions, or even those from the future God is always close. However there comes a time in one's life when one is farthest away from this realization and God decides to come to one's rescue and offer one boon, however fantastic that might be. It would be the one time in an individual's life where everything would be magical and the whole universe would revolve around that person for the boon to be fulfilled. But be warned for it is only the Is that knows when one needs it the most..."

"Ravi, it is I, the one you know as God. It has been a while since you last spoke to me in the temple as a child. So, speak to me now my child, what can be done to help you from this deep dark hole that you have put yourself into? State your one boon so that all your troubles may vanish and that you can spread your wings and fly once again..."

"How much worse can this get? My life is pathetic enough and now I'm growing crazy as well?? Oh God, please just leave me alone and let me be"

"I see, that is indeed what you desire Ravi. Your boon shall be granted. Goodbye little one, till we meet again...... in another lifetime..... when you might learn better...."

Life As A New Graduate

Life as a new graduate in a company, on the 1st job is very clearly summed up here

When I Beat Christopher Nolan

To put it simply:


While on the subject of nightmares, I'd like to share something more:

The most bizarre nightmare ever

Every now and then we have a nightmare where we are failing, dying or even walking with no underpants on the main road or some other familiar location.

I can handle them

But then a few days back I woke up at about 2AM with my entire sense of reality upside down thanks to my nightmare.

In this particular one I was an XML file.

Yes, a damn XML file with every node representing a particular body part with the attributes providing specific metrics about them.

Now thats a dream which even Christopher Nolan wouldn't have thought of eh?