T.Rajendar: Suppress and Oppress and Depress

This mix is pure genius!! Kudos to the makers _/\_

I Like Milk: How Facebook Distorts Reality

Situation One:
Drunk Machan 1: Wtfaaak Dude??
Drunk Machan 2: Dude, Wtf?
Drunk Machan 3 (After an awkward pause): WTFu*****Fuck Dude?
Everyone (in unision): Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahha (endless laughter echoing into the distant moonlight)
Drunk Machan 4: Macha, I like milk....
(Long silence before more endless laughter echoing into the distant moonlight.. for a different reason )

Situation Two
Chick Who Guy Is Trying To Ask Out: Sooo what are your dreams?
Guy: Random shit about changing the world
Chick Who Guy Is Trying To Ask Out: You're so serious yaaar, Ok, something simple now.. whats your favourite drink? (JD, RC, VAT?)
Guy: I Like Milk!
Chick Who Guy Is Never Going To Get: Awwwwwww! thats cho chweet. Mommas boy are weeeeeeee? (Pinching guy's cheek)

Situation Three
Highly Impressed Interviewer: You've got all the answers correct! You're the first one to do so, I'm really impressed. Maybe a couple of simple HR Questions now?
Prospective Candidate: Sure Sir!
Highly Impressed Interviewer: So, can you summarize yourself in 1 sentence please
Not So Prospective Candidate Anymore: Yes Sir, I like milk Sir :)

Situation Four (Facebook)
Dude Machan's Status Message:"I Like Milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
My News Feed:"Selva No.1, Selva No.2, Random Dude and 9 others like this d'_'"

FML. My point being, an otherwise socially completely unacceptable sentence (like "I like milk") for grown ups to say, suddenly becomes Ok on Facebook. Hell, its not even anonymous.