All Afternoon Long

I'm sure you've heard of 'Morning People' or 'Night People'.. but have you heard of the 'Afternoon People'?? I guess not. Somehow the worst part of the day seems to be the afternoon times. Its that time of the day when you feel your energy drain, the zest for life being sucked out of you and want to simply lie down and fade away. If there ever was a time when the Devil is the strongest, it has to be the afternoon.

But the afternoon blues seems to affect only the older people. I remember as a child, a day used to be divided into 2 simple parts.. one when I'm asleep and another when I am not. I used to wonder how adults could be so weak as to sleep when the sun is high up in the sky and providing his warmth to everyone. Its really strange.. I guess children can never be influenced by the devil :P

Science tells us that the afternoon blues are due to a drop in the sugar levels in one's body. From my experience I realized that the best solution to this is simply to have some sugar about 1/2 hour after lunch. Somehow keeps the blues away!!!

Now, GM