On Hugging

[A warm up post...]

It is a known fact that hugging is less prevalent in India than in many other countries. Sure, we have our customs like the famous 'namaste' sign or falling at our elder's feet, but hugging.. well.. lets see...

Why hugging may not have caught on in India
1. India is a hot country and people sweat a lot. You really don't want to hug hot n smelly people do ya?

2. India being a crowded place, you might expect all of us to be comfortable with having people all around. Our personal spaces are indeed of a smaller diameter than some person from say, Austria? But our mental head spaces are just as large as any one elses. A hug would in a sense be intruding onto an already agitated head space.

3.Indians are spiritually aware as a culture. The concept of an aura/chakra/prana/whatever being taken into account in almost everything. A hug does, technically disturb both the individuals pranic flow in the body when the chakras come in contact during a hug and hence ill-advised.

What do I conclude form this? Its hot n smelly and AC rooms would be awesome if not for the green house gasses they emit and the power guzzlers that they are..