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Date: July 24th, 2008
Time: 8:12 AM (Why am I up so early??)

The Detective (pun intended.. if you know what I mean)

SCREW YOU.. this is not a movie review, and no, I haven't seen the movie yet.

Heath Ledger, Heath Ledger, Heath Ledger.. that's all one can hear these days. How can so many people like the same thing? It defies all traditional logic and human experience. Where are the wannabe renegades, those who dislike stuff simply because so many other individuals like a certain thing (a so called negative review was dugg and the backlash to that article was unbelievable, it was still a 'positive' review according to many), I miss you people for once. For 'everybody' to like something as subjective as a movie is a statistical improbability of incredible proportions.

Heath Ledger, Heath Ledger, Heath Ledger.. is it because he's dead? Aww, give the guy a break.. he did other movies as well!! Whats that one about few gay guys on a mountain or whatever, that Oscar nominated movie...ooh, did it win??? But there are many others who didn't even know about his demise, and still praised him all the way to heaven. Unbelievable, even those who haven't even heard of 'The Batman' or 'The Joker' praise the movie like anything. Praising 'The Batman' suddenly seems to have lost the geekyness associated with it.. really really strange.

Ah! The Dark Night even beat 'The Godfather' which was a safe movie for everybody to refer to when asked 'What is your favourite movie?'. It has the right blend of intellectualism and coolness to simply make one look cool and intellectual by simply mentioning the movie.. but The Dark Knight? Its a Superhero movie for God's sake.. did all the IMDB members simply choose to play along with the common man's verdict?? Is this a classic case of herding behavior. Wonder what Ayn Rand would have to say about it all??

Yes, I am going to watch The Dark Knight, not because of the hype but because I am a Batman fan. Having read Infinite Crisis, Omac Project, all of Frank Miller's Dark Knight series, watching 'Batman the animated series' at least 6 times on good old Doordarshan, Batman Of The Future and what not, a Batman movie is a must watch for me. Ah screw you, Christian Bale is an amazing actor as well (Empire Of The Sun, The Machinist)

Heath Ledger, Heath Ledger, Heath Ledger.. lemme see with my own eyes..

The Hypomanic Edge

Who says success is attributed to your individual will, hard work,determination, perseverance etc etc? I guess most people you and I know would say so.. but not Dr. D. Gartner of Johns Hopkins University Medical School. In his pioneering new work - The Hypomanic Edge, he claims that successful people have a mild form of mania (the extreme forms being schizophrenia, remember A Beautiful Mind?) called hypomania a genetically transferred predisposition to Bipolar II Depression. Hypomania is characterized by quickness of thought, high energy, and grand ambitions. But it’s also accompanied by irritability and an inflated ego. Typical of successful businessmen and other highly motivated people don't you think??