In Praise of Idleness

Bertrand Russell in his eponymous essay "In Praise Of Idleness" provided all of us slackers a quote to justify ourselves by. But of course he meant something deeper than what the title misleadingly suggests...

In the essay he delved into what modern society is creating around it. He argues that machines were created to ease our burden and reduce our workload and not increase it, as was happening in the early 20th century. He also stated that "Idleness" was a necessary period of a person's day where he/she could reflect on their actions and take the time of better themselves, be it through meditation, introspection or even the development of arts, crafts and other hobbies. He quite correctly pointed out that the industrial revolution was destroying all that the machines were (theoretically) supposed to aid us in pursuing by taking our load of mundane activities.

.... and this was the trend seen till the 21st century. With industrial production increasing the world over, the number of hours worked per individual was on the rise. As the humungous boilers, furnaces and power plants could not be stopped once they are started they needed people to manage them 24/7.

But then something happened - The rise of the IT Professional. With the ability to have flexible working hours and even the joy of working from home, the IT world is an entirely different reality from that of the industrial age. With companies like Google encouraging their employees to have a minimum of 10% of their time working to spend on pet projects (or even just laze around and wait for inspiration to strike!) Bertrand Russel's Ide(a)l(e) world has started to take shape. Sure there are IT professional who are overworked, but companies are beginning to realize that employees are most productive when they are happy and happy when they can be 'Idle'.... if at least for a while....

Maybe technology and capitalism IS the answer to everything. It is truly a blessing that corporate psychology has been able to justify what Russell spoke of almost 80 years ago to and convince Human Resource personal that letting people do their own thing is the best option for everyone in the long run..

Why Chelsea will win EVERY championship this year

K-Sama's patronage is for the men in blue!!
Victory is ensured!!!!

"Man proposes, God disposes" - K-Sama to all Chelsea haters

[For those who came in late.. K-Sama is GOD]


From the olden days being a bachelor was considered chivalrous and sacrificial. Remember Bheeshma from the Mahabharatha who took an oath of 'never "seeing" a woman again' and was rewarded with a boon of being able to choose when he would die? This was considered to be a great sacrifice of a heroic nature.

Even in modern times many of India's most respected personalities are unmarried. Think about A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Atal Bihari Vajpayee or even Ratan Tata. They are considered to have sacrificed their lives for the motherland...

But of late, if someone remains a bachelor beyond a certain age people simply say:

"He's Gay!"

I'm Lost...

Feeling the Bumps

[This post has nothing perverted, shame on you if you thought about anything dirty.. no wait.. I wrote this line .... it was me doing the thinking.. oh crap - ) ]

It was one day, at night, that I really felt the bumps. At 9:45 PM with its ever present bangs and rattles, the bus was hurtling down the road that connected St.John's hospital to somewhere. Save for the four IT professionals going home after a tiring day's work, there was no one in the bus apart for me and a friend. And thats suddenly when it happened. With no warning, the bus flew over a speed breaker at top speed with me and my friend being thrown into the air a few inches. I could've sworn out butts were a bit flattened after the fall. But before we could recover, it happened again, only this time we were thrown much higher and almost no one in the bus could suppress a "Ah!" or a "Fck" or even a "Otha Omale".

And this got me thinking "I use this route everyday to work, and how come there's no discomfort at all? How come I didn't realize that there were even speed breakers on this road? Why, with a bus full of people and with many hanging onto the footboard, didn't a breaker of this size make its presence felt?"

But then I realized that we all had to thank that thoughtful bus driver, who might just have wanted to go back home to his family on that friday night, a little bit early..