To Give Or Not To Give


Heart:Give the poor girl some change. She could really use it.

Mind:This is so annoying, I was having such a good conversation. Now the flow is broken.Damn. Anyway lets see what the others do. Some one's bound to give some money and she'll go away.

Cousin: Dude, never give money to beggars. Begging should be treated as an industry and each time you give money to a beggar you are encouraging it. You are 'buying' your right to not feel pity. And the individual beggars don't even get the cash. It goes to the local goondas anyway and the beggars themselves get a small portion of it. If you don't give them cash, the industry'll die and begging will be eliminated. There should be a rule against it.

I followed me heart


Mind:Thank god thats over, +1 Karma eh? Thu you


Am I weak???

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  1. Lol. You listened to the loudest voice. Choice is an illusion.