New Meaning

Frnd (who is also a blogger): Macha, see u da.. what plans now?

Me: Nothing da, chumma only.. probably write a blog entry.. vetti only..

Frnd: Scene...

Me: Why do you think we blog da? Out of vettiness only right? Height of joblessness

Frnd: Appadi ella paka kudadhu da.. its literary mastrubation.. avalo daan...

I rest my case


  1. haha.. very true! gr8 tht u put it here!

  2. Hey brother... Thanks for commenting on my review and thanks that the comment was positive!
    Anyway I saw that you write poems so I guess you would've seen the poems (Or rhymes!) that i managed to scribble.

  3. interesting! Though i wish i disagreed with your friend for having given such a gross analogy, i cudnt agree more to hi on certian other levels :P the only difference being the fact that you wouldnt really want any tom dick and harry commenting on your..hmm.. wat was it... yeah blog! :P

  4. i'm really really really still a vegetarian

  5. n random comments r always funnn!!