Using Flock

This was done using Flock, probably the best browser there is!!
Blogged with the Flock Browser


  1. Hey! I made a new blog. Check it out, it's at the same url! :)

    Flock, huh? Better than firefox?

  2. waaaaay better than firefox!!

    I mean, u cud get the same function in firefox but figuring the right combo of plugins is really hard...

  3. hehe...dont understand the significance of this post or of flock..but nice pic in the 'u can win' pose!

  4. Oh! Lol... just install n use flock, u'll get the point of it.. even now i'm replying from flock which had to pen just one tab.

    I got an e-mail alert for this comment and all i had to do is click the reply in gmail (flock took me directly to the mail.. not even the inbox) and flock is sending it as a comment over here.. u can't beat this level of integration and simplification!!!!