I saw some school kids wearing my old school's uniform yesterday

I felt sorry for them

Wasting away their lives and minds absorbing irrelevant information.

If each child concentrates on developing one skill thoroughly for about 2 years, he/she would have achieved a decent enough level of skill to make it a source of monetary income. And it is said that human beings have the fastest learning in their teens and early 20's.

What a waste school life is. The time spent to actual learning received is too high to be ignored.

Ah, what the hell. GM.


  1. True. Sad that kids these days often do a bare minimum to get the grade they want or spend more time finding out what's on the test to make the A ... rather than learn. And focus on the learning.

  2. Hahaha, thats true as well... but what i meant was that the very subjects that they strive to get their A's in are in themselves irrelevant to real life..

  3. Very very innovative thinking

    And your wearing a good suit buddy!

  4. Wow! Thanks a lot.. hmmm, but the suit isn't mine though :P

  5. u dunt goto a school jus to learn those subjects! it teaches u a lot abt life too!
    n if u did learn those subjects well.. u'll find out wat to do n wat not to do wen u grow up! :)
    ah well.. school life was FUN for me! :)

  6. arey, all that learning about life n all would be much faster if u removed all the time spent in the classroom.. seriously. and @ CdV .. y do u bunk classes in coll uh?????

  7. down wid education!!!up wid innovation

  8. then u'l have to figure out urself as to y the apple fell down n stuff!!
    @coll i bunk cos i could! n the classes were borin.. they put u to sleep.. n for real life (like wrk) some of those courses r pretty imp.! :|

  9. arey, those subject are important.. but not sitting in classes for them. How many days b4 the exams did u really study the subjets?? 1.. 2???

    So basically, to understand a subject THROUGLY.. about a week is enough... so why waste a whole semester/term learning it??

  10. true.. a week full may b kinda enuf!

    so.. take a subject.. u have 3-4 hrrs of classes for it in a week? in a sem.. 20 weeks(excludin hols)? so total 60-80 hrs a sem for a subject...
    now.. if u study for a subject say 12 hrs a day.. in a week.. arnd 70 hrs?!
    so same thing.. only in the former.. u get more time to analyse it well.. apply it well.. real time projs.. whr u come across more real time probs.. experience.. thts how u learn!

  11. Hahahahaha, u study 12 hrs a day b4 an exam!! Lol lol.. i find that very very , VERY hard to believe !!

    Nah, classes really are a waste of time. Their only use that they teach u how to crack the exam, not really learn the subject..

  12. nah.. ob not! 12hrs is if u wanna totally understand/learn the subject! well.. 12hrs a day seems less for tht.. only a week! hmm.. but wateva..

    chuck the classes.. usefulness of classes depends on the profs! so blah..
    college/school jus makes it more organised.. n provides a plan n content for u to know.. gives u the direction!