Prithviraj Chavan & I

Prithviraj Chavan is the new Chief Minister of the state of Maharashtra. So what you ask?
Well, he is an alumni of my college which is an odd thing because politicians don't usually come from an engineering (or even educated?) background, but thats not the point here, or should it be?

Not so strangely thats what most people's chatter/gossip/status messages seemed to be saying:

"Proud to be a BITSian!"
"Another alumni to be proud off!" etc etc

Mine simply said "boom boom" (Diwali hangover) because I fail to comprehend how stealing somebody else's success would make me magically better (yes, I get the part about human beings being social beings and all that but I haven't even met the guy, hell, I didn't even know who he was till the news came out!) or help me climb the social ladder. Or could it just be that all those other people had nothing more important going on in their lives making them to live somebody else's even though its a lie?

Maybe I'm egotistical or a tad bit insensitive but at least I don't have my head up in the clouds. Prithviraj Chavan sure must be a great man and there probably could be a thing or two I can learn from him. I'd even like to hear him speak sometime, but do I feel an iota for him? No.

P.S. Or maybe I am the biggest hypocrite of them all to make a blog post out of him?


  1. saaar! thnx! didn't know you blogged

  2. Nice read. Doesn't it work the same way when people cheer for Chennai Super Kings considering that there's nothing to appreciate? The result is binary, win or lose. There's nothing in the journey that's thought provoking either. They just do it to feel part of something(social belongingness as you've mentioned lol).

    If you think it's stupid to be part of something, then you are a hypocrite, not for writing a blog post on him but because you're on facebook. x)

  3. woah! where did facebook come from?

    being on facebook is like being with friends in a coffee shop... only that its in the virtual world :\ its wrong logic

  4. Selva, I said if you think it's stupid to be part of something. If you don't, then k. I disagree. You chat with a person on messenger, it's like being with a friend in a coffee shop. Facebook, is on a much larger scale. It's being part of something, society's involved. Society doesn't know you're in a coffee shop with someone unless you take pics and post them for the world to see. zzZzZZZzz

  5. I don't mean its stupid to be a part of something, thinking like that is anarchism.

    What I think is stupid is assuming someone else's success to be your own even when you had nothing to do with it.

    Yea, supporting teams is somewhat like that, only if you accept their success/failure as your own. However just getting together with people for food and drinks and a few shouts and having enjoyed the game irrespective of the outcome is an entirely different thing.

    I disagree about the Facebook analogy. You could bump into anybody in a coffee shop as well, just like in facebook where anybody can comment on a thread. Yea, society is involved.. everywhere

  6. On Facebook, you do what you have to knowing that people you know are watching. That's not the case in a coffee shop.

  7. U Chee ... Long time since i read your blog... I think "hypocrite" is right and the blog post about why u should care is also right. Its one of those situations... when knowingly "not-caring" means that you "cared" not to!! ... :D