Fountainhead Characters on SCJP Exam

[I'm scared of The Fountainhead's fans. Everything anyone ever says about the book is WRONG, except their own interpretation of course. The more knuckleheaded they are, the more I fear them trying to ambush me in the nearby bakery with a club or something. Now this little thingy might be just the thing to give em that incentive. But so what?]

A friend and I were discussing the SCJP exam and apparently folks these days are mugging up previous questions to get 96-98%. One thing then lead to another and here's what we (sorta) agreed on (ok it was mostly me) what the characters from The Fountainhead might have to say about it

Roark: SCJP? Wazzat???

Wynand: SCJP? F** that. I'm starting my own exam.. And YOU (Who me?) are going to be the 1st one to pass it you hear me?

Keating (snicker snicker): I'm going to mug all the questions to get 98%. And THEN I'm going to understand EVERYTHING so that I can make the remaining 2% as well. Muhahaha! I'm awesome!!

Toohey(evil laugh): I'm gonna get 96% by mugging, then pretend I'm of a lower caste. I'll then stand for election claiming to be very intelligent and deserving and then become mayor of this city! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Another part of the convo actually had this bit of conversation in it:
You know what
I'm back in college
some c*** suckers are sucking up
to the incharge
and I'm trying to convince them
that he's a fake
and they suck up even harder
then I call them
and say look
and suddenly there's a computer screen
and I compile the incharge
and he has errors
now they're thinking,
maybe I'm right.

So yea,


  1. Interesting point you made there about all the fountainheads believing only their theory is right. The book did get through to them.

    And taking the incentive, Toohey wouldn't study for scjp, he'll get everyone to boycott it pretending that he really believes in it being useless although what he really wants is to mentally control them.

  2. Too funny macchan . trolled for a while till i found ur blog . ping sometime . dont see u online.