No Rules!

I have this t-shirt with me since class 10 which I cherish a lot. Its a simple white tee with a little blue thrown around here and there. Here's what it meant it to me over the years

Class 10- Awesome t-shirt! This is gonna make me look cool!!

Class 12- No Rules, No Rules... Hey! its a contradiction. If 'No Rules' itself is a rule, its breaking itself! Ha, now who else would've thought of that eh? I sure am Smart

College- Man, what an awesome colour combination this t-shirt has and a great tag line branded with it. I should push for this to be the theme for the cultural festival's site. And 'No Rules', wow, what a simple and effective caption its gonna be!

Now- Yay! I fit into it again. My tummy's gone right back in! w00t!! :)


  1. Haha! Nice to see someone's getting in shape! :P

    Long time.. Hope you're enjoyin!


  2. I remember that STFU one you liked in campus...