Thought Of Inflexion

[While listening to "Better Man" by Oasis, exam answers at school, "Better Man" by Oasis again, a long bus ride, missing my blog, knowing that life gets you no where unless you do something, trying to make a mark in the world by writing something new, knowing you might suck at it but old enough to know that you'd suck more if you didn't try.. yea, you get the picture...]

Imagine your life to be a function.
Yes, a function, those f(x) thingys. What you do is mostly f(x). What you say or feel is mostly f'(x) (or even f'(-x) considering the fact that we sometimes so the exact opposite of what we say or feel). And its our thought which is f''(x).

Now the point of inflexion is the point where f''(x) changes signs.


Now imagine that you're gonna do something real bad. You know it as being bad of course, yet you get some (which you know is sick/bad) pleasure out of it .... and you do it anyway.

(You're know angel, c'mon think of SOMETHING! Got it? Good lets proceed)

Now just forget everything and think of something where you did something you had never done before... and loved it!

(C'mon, you must have plenty of memories!)

What really happened here? How did YOU do it? Sure there may have been cheering, memories jeering or even a gun or two pointed at your back, but really, what happened?

I want to take an example of someone trying to reduce weight(Thats a 'politically correct' example :) )

Lets assume that he/she has fixed a new exercise regime which starts at 6 AM and they are all gung ho about it the night before, while lying in their bed about to sleep.

Its 6 AM the next day and the alarm rings when ....

Scenario 1
f(x)=what you do = hit the snooze button
f'(x) = what you say or feel = i know i suck.. i'll stop sucking from tomorrow though. i'll pass for today. The sky isn't going to fall on my head is it?
f''(x)= what you think= zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Scenario 2
f(x)=what you do=jump out of bed and do ten push ups!
f'(x) = what you say or feel =today I'm gonna make a change and be awesome!!
f''(x)= what you think=Get up at any cost, now!!!

(Yay! so many exclamation marks!!!! f'''(x) = n00b)

f''(x) here is the Thought Of Inflexion

To me here, the most interesting thing is f''(x). Our whole lives are governed by thoughts which drive our everyday lives[f''(x) affects f(x) and f'(x). Its the inner drive for f(x) and f'(x)]
Every little choice that we make throws our life this way or that. But if only we could control a thought, the thoughts that follow from it can all be useful and awesome.

Hope that wasn't preachy, f'''(x) = zzzzzz


  1. i enjoyed reading it soooo much!! Awesome f(X) :P, hahaha, really nice one!!

  2. usi, I'd rather take f(x) as what you are doing at the moment. f'(x) as what direction you think that action will take you in and f''(x) as the actual outcome. So in reality at the point of inflection everything that you do can either lead you to an outcome of nothing on the one side and everything that you don't do will also lead you to the same from the other side so again you end up doing nothing overall. You might as well remain constant i.e., do nothing and in the end achieve nothing, instead of doing something and achieving nothing. Moral of Liff and the Greater meaning of Liff---to my mentor douglas adams.