Feeling the Bumps

[This post has nothing perverted, shame on you if you thought about anything dirty.. no wait.. I wrote this line .... it was me doing the thinking.. oh crap - ) ]

It was one day, at night, that I really felt the bumps. At 9:45 PM with its ever present bangs and rattles, the bus was hurtling down the road that connected St.John's hospital to somewhere. Save for the four IT professionals going home after a tiring day's work, there was no one in the bus apart for me and a friend. And thats suddenly when it happened. With no warning, the bus flew over a speed breaker at top speed with me and my friend being thrown into the air a few inches. I could've sworn out butts were a bit flattened after the fall. But before we could recover, it happened again, only this time we were thrown much higher and almost no one in the bus could suppress a "Ah!" or a "Fck" or even a "Otha Omale".

And this got me thinking "I use this route everyday to work, and how come there's no discomfort at all? How come I didn't realize that there were even speed breakers on this road? Why, with a bus full of people and with many hanging onto the footboard, didn't a breaker of this size make its presence felt?"

But then I realized that we all had to thank that thoughtful bus driver, who might just have wanted to go back home to his family on that friday night, a little bit early..


  1. you're disregarding the decrease in the mass of the system. full bus has more mass, more inertia and is therefore less affected by the bump. i could explain more rigorously but i think u get the point. its physics, not sentiment. gm.

  2. i'm not stupid. thats the 1st explanation I thought of.

    It is all about the speed and the driver's care. gm yourself :|

  3. and if the driver drove the bus at the same speed when the bus was crowded, the people on the footboard would probably fall off and die after getting crushed under the wheel.

  4. what was perverted abt the whole thing? u sure do know how to keep people thinking abt "what's perverted abt this" than abt thinking physics and other stuff. charlie wud be an exception ofcourse!