The Aww.. Crap! Threshold

[Depending on the kind of vehicle you own, you tend to go Aww.. Crap! for a certain distance above which you have to travel. Here's mine..]

You walk = 1.2Km

You ride a bicycle = 2.5Km

You ride a scooter = 4Km

You ride a bike = 4.5Km

You drive a car = 7Km

You drive a bus = .2Km

You fly a helicopter = o.0

You navigate a UFO = The ladies toilet (in case ur male, vice-versa if ur female)


  1. how come even though you are at home, you're posting so infrequently?what's up?

  2. LOL!


    1. I'm busy (In my world, I really am)

    2. No 1 seems to be reading, I'm working on my magnum opus instead :|

  3. i love walking more than anything else... so for me walking threshold cud go up the list and the rest go neeche!

  4. what time limit have you set for completion of ur magnum opus ?

  5. Hmmmm, no time limit... but I'm writing a HUGE story.. doesnt seem to end ever, kinda annoying actually... no idea when I'll finish it though...

  6. i wud suggest u use - a 48 point font for ur HUGE story :P

  7. LOL!! I wont be that blasphemous, dun worry!!