Learning To Learn

Yes Hi

I'm sure you've learnt many things in life, including how to say 'Hi'. Well, congrats that's something you learnt on your own!!! Ever wondered how you did it? Or even why you did it??? When did "Goo goo gaa gaa" become 'Hi' (No I am not going to go into behavioral learning or anything)

We've been taught many things in life - how to speak, how to read, how to write, how to do math, how to drive a car, how to bungee jump etc. Ever wondered why nobody ever taught you how to learn???

I know I needed to learn how to learn. Somethings are best learnt in certain ways and some in others..

These are some ways in which I discovered learning takes place in day to day life

1) Sleep on it - You never know what you might remember the next day and surprise yourself with what you actually learnt!

2)Observe.Break Down.Analyze.Integrate - This involves the left brain and can be applied to anything you want to learn but have no clue about

3)Observe.Observe.Observe - Let your subconscious do the learning for you. Like learning to ride a bike for example. There are no textbook on how to do it. You just DO IT, the max you can do is to observe a few riders.

4)Fake It Till You Make It Style - Keep doing things in a nOObish way, till one day you realise that you actually are good at it, yeah and you'll also remember the very many insults that people threw at you all the way (Now this isn't really a way to learn, but what the hell.. its a pretty popular saying!!)

Thats all I have to say for now
The quality of my blogs are deteriorating aren't they?? Hmmm...
Really Hi


  1. hahaha!!! That was thoughful, Hi:)

  2. N name of ur blog is 2+2=5,quite cool, but ye to meri calculations hoti hai maths mai:P

  3. Great! It's actually a simple topic but not many think about this. If you had thought to write about this then it's obvious that your blogging quality hasn't gone down even a bit. Also people should learn to listen to learn. This really lacks in many.

  4. hey awesome post... ill tell u wht i think...
    there's two ways to learn
    1. first hand information
    2. second hand information

    the more u rely on urself to learn things nd not get influenced by wht others tell u the bettr....

  5. @varshavijay Thanks :)
    @dementor Yoyoyo.. welcome back to bloggersville!! Hmmm n yea.. u r right abt learnin things on ur own.. but then again... second hand info IS learning 4rm others and being influenced. But I guess its imp to know how much we allow ourself's to be influenced by what others say..

  6. in no ways ur blog is detiorating. i think it is mind blowing everytime i read it.i shd say u have illustrated all the types of learning pretty neatly

  7. wow!! thanks a lot.. meant a lot to me \m/

  8. ah.. smart UC..
    learn pple.. learn! see how UC jus got everyone to praise his writin again! :) well.. wat a stunt!! :P
    n nice post.. n yea yea.. ur writin is still good! :P
    -ob u know who this is!