Full Circle

A recent magazine survey showed that the average age at which Indians loose their virginity is 16. Ok, its not that low among people I personally know, but still its a figure to think about?

Wasn't child marriage (and hence Indians kids losing their virginity at age 14-16, you should read Ghandiji's 'My Experiments With Truth' for example) a staple thing in the 1800's???

Didn't people like Raja Ramohan Roy and Ghandiji do something about it?

But off late with the permeation of western culture into Indian society, more and more kids are experimenting with sex at a younger age... only this time without the security (or is bondage a better word?) of marriage.

Have we come full circle???


  1. You are right by all means. In fact with my traveling experiences, I actually feel that the country that has been talking of morality as its basics of being, is the one that has no morality found anywhere right from the start of the Aryan civilization. Soon I would be writing on the history too. This article of yours is very sensible.

  2. Wow! thnx!! These are some random observations of mine..

  3. hey man...
    frst of all... " 16" is a shocking figure i must say....it surely nt that low arnd me...!!!!

    and ya if u say thts sum RANDOM OBSERVATION then gud gng budy..!!
    keep posting....cheers..!!

  4. 16.... where did they get that age from? I don't think thats quite true. Most of the people I know are above 16 and they haven't had sex. Maybe they should take a survey with a larger sample space (getting too mathematical there! :P).

    The shocking thing is that you would never guess this with the kind of activities on the surface. So in a way we're doing a good job of hiding all the mess :P... but people do need to be properly educated on safe sex and the likes because young people having sex can lead to things they don't want.

  5. Absolutely.. the survey might have included the rural and slum areas. I have no idea about the conditions that teenagers live in over there, so that will be really hard to speculate. However youngsters do need to be educated about safe sex cuz AIDS seems to be catching up real fast in India :(