No Force

Shapeless it would twist like a hallucinogenic dream
Light would lash against it, emblazoned
Unlike the creatures of the night, it would stand forth, proud but formless
In spite of the darkness that covered it, it would laugh at its enemies
Never knowing its purpose, form or cast
Like in a maze, it would ooze itself all over, with a logic that defines the logic that so sought to bind it
She was in pain, of course, which wouldn't? For she called out in desperation
But where there was no medium for the plea to travel, for she was alone
All he could do was wait, wait for the nothingness to come and overpower him
Like that little jigsaw that was falling into play, formless, the being was a slave to its own form
For there was no force to guide it, bind it, hold it, comfort it.
For there was light that shone through it,
For all creatures made of light
For all the darkness that surrounded it
It was still a being of light


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